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[WATCH] Hypocrite Pelosi Goes Maskless at White House Event, Social Media Erupts

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) goes maskless at the White House after imposing a mask mandate on members of the U.S. House. Image from embedded video.

The House of Representatives is at war again, this time over masks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t want the House floor to become a “petri dish for COVID” so she fined two Republicans for not wearing face coverings.

But Pelosi doesn’t mind if the White House becomes a petri dish for COVID. She attended the signing ceremony for the Asian hate crime bill a few hours later and low and behold, our girl Nancy showed up with a naked face.

This was a tailor-made controversy that Twitter was created to exploit. Hypocrisy always plays well in social media and Pelosi stepped in it with both feet.

Every single House Democrat has been vaccinated, according to Pelosi. But in a letter to members about maintaining the mask and social distancing policy, Pelosi went on like a vaccine skeptic.


Earlier in the day, Pelosi suggested that it was wrong to use the “honor system” to determine who is vaccinated and who isn’t when she was asked whether she will keep the mask mandate in the House.

“Do you want them breathing in your face, on the strength of their honor?” she said.

Over the last few days, Pelosi has been sparring with House Republicans who have pushed back against her mask mandate.

[Marjorie Taylor] Greene, [Thomas] Massie, and other House Republicans defiantly ripped their masks off on the House floor.and brazenly posted unmasked photos of themselves on social media despite facing potential fines for doing so.

If an unvaccinated person breathes in the face of a vaccinated member, the only thing to worry about is whether they use a good mouthwash. If the unvaccinated member doesn’t want to be vaccinated, what the hell does the vaccinated speaker care about it?

Pelosi’s touching concern for Republicans who aren’t vaccinated is a screen. She’s trolling Republicans, trying to get a reaction out of them that will make them look silly, or angry, or stupid.

Instead, Pelosi continuing the mask mandate is the one looking silly, angry, and stupid.

“They are selfishly an endangerment to other people, including staff people here,” Pelosi said Thursday of those who haven’t been vaccinated.

Fox News:

She implied that the rules could be even stricter and unvaccinated people could potentially be banned from the House floor altogether. But she said the mask policy was a way to find balance and ensure that members can exercise their “constitutional duty.”

By Wednesday, four GOP House members were fined $500 for going maskless on the House floor: Reps. Brian Mast of Florida, Beth Van Duyne of Texas, Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa and Ralph Norman of South Carolina. The number ticked up to six by Thursday with Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Thomas Massie, R-Ky., also getting fined after ignoring their warnings from the previous day.

People who don’t get vaccinated have their reasons. They are making a choice using their God-given free will. If Pelosi wants to wear a mask, that’s her choice—as is it’s her choice whether or not to be vaccinated.

Members — and the American people — are not little children who need to be ordered about and coddled. Pelosi is well aware of this. She has made mask-wearing a partisan political issue hoping to embarrass Republicans.

Once Pelosi realizes that the House members openly defying the mask mandate are becoming COVID folk heroes, she’ll lift the ban.