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Al-Qaeda Issues a Chilling Warning as the U.S. Leaves Afghanistan

(Ibaa News Agency, via AP, File)

Joe Biden claimed during his speech to a joint session of Congress that the threat from radical Islam had been replaced by the threat from white supremacists.

Music to al-Qaeda’s ears.

The terrorists probably breathed a sigh of relief when hearing that the resources of the federal government will now be spent looking under the bed for white terrorists, leaving al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other terrorist groups to freely plot against America.

Al-Qaeda can thank Joe Biden for pulling American troops out of Afghanistan while every military expert is warning him not to.


America’s “war on terror” is about to enter a new phase as President Joe Biden prepares to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11, but now al Qaeda claims its war with America is far from over.

In an exclusive interview with CNN conducted through intermediaries, two al Qaeda operatives tell CNN that “war against the US will be continuing on all other fronts unless they are expelled from the rest of the Islamic world.”

In the past al Qaeda has rarely responded to questions, choosing instead to hide behind its own self-serving propaganda, dodging even the most distant scrutiny. It’s unclear why the group has chosen to do so now.

It’s “unclear” to no one except the blithering idiots at CNN. Biden is cutting and running from Afghanistan and al-Qaeda wants to rub our faces in our defeat.

Every American president before Biden has said in response to the question of when the troops can come home that we wouldn’t “stand down until Afghanistan could stand up.” There’s no one on planet earth who believes Afghanistan can “stand up” against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Today, the terror group that once roared to world attention is reduced to a whimper, but it is far from dead. And now says it’s planning a comeback after US forces leave Afghanistan, by partnering once again with the Taliban.

In its response to CNN, two members of al Qaeda’s subcontinent broadcast branch heap praise on the Taliban for keeping the fight against America alive. “Thanks to Afghans for the protection of comrades-in-arms, many such jihadi fronts have been successfully operating in different parts of the Islamic world for a long time,” the spokesperson says.

In February 2020, the Trump administration signed an agreement with the Taliban in which the group promised to cut ties with al-Qaeda. Trump was looking for an exit at any price from Afghanistan and took a chance that the Taliban would honor their word.

But the Taliban is not even going to wait for the U.S. to exit Afghanistan. They want to make it appear to the Islamic world that they are chasing America out of the country. That’s how they’ll spin it and al-Qaeda could target our troops as they’re leaving just to pound the point home.

What is it about Islamic terrorists that leftists like Obama and Biden are so easily bamboozled? The Iranians were violating the nuclear accords before Trump even got into office. And now al-Qaeda pledges to attack American interests — probably from rebuilt bases in Afghanistan — despite promises from the Taliban not to re-engage with the terrorists.

Just about the time that Biden surrenders to the Iranians, he will be surrendering to al-Qaeda.