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Cuomo Asks Pfizer to Sell Vaccine Doses Directly to New York

Cuomo Asks Pfizer to Sell Vaccine Doses Directly to New York
Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to Pfizer Inc. Chief Executive Albert Bourla on Monday asking if they would sell COVID vaccine doses directly to his state.

Cuomo’s “New York will get theirs before you get yours” attitude fell a little flat with the Biden administration. Biden COVID advisory board member Celine Gounder nixed the proposal immediately.

“I think Governor Cuomo, himself, had said back in the spring that the situation around ventilators was essentially ‘one big Ebay’ with all of the states bidding against one another for ventilators, and I think this kind of an approach to vaccine allocation is going to result, frankly, in the same kind of situation that he, himself, was criticizing last spring,” Gounder said.

Cuomo’s hysterical demand for 30,000 ventilators last spring when he needed about 7,000 showed the governor to be a panicky partisan. Vaccine distribution is turning into the same game. California has 2 million doses in deep-freeze and complains they don’t have enough vaccine.


“With hospitalizations and deaths increasing across the country this winter, we are in a footrace with the virus, and we will lose unless we dramatically increase the number of doses getting to New Yorkers”, Cuomo said in a letter to Pfizer’s CEO.

“After myself and seven other governors called on the Trump Administration to release more doses, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said that relief was on the way. To date, however, the federal government has not acted on that promise,” Cuomo wrote.

Cuomo said he was appealing to Pfizer directly as the company was “not bound by commitments” that Moderna Inc made as part of Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. government’s program to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have ramped up production to light speed and will deliver 250 million doses to the government by the end of April. Commenting on Biden’s announced goal of 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days, Secretary Azar of HHS said, “If they’ve only done 100 million vaccinations by then, it will be a tragic squandering of the opportunity that we have handed them.”

But Azar is missing the point. Cuomo can whine about not getting enough vaccine because the narrative has been set. Anything bad that happens in the United States over the next four years will be blamed on Donald Trump. No matter how much incompetence, malfeasance, or idiocy comes out of the Biden administration or the Democratic Congress, if something goes wrong, blame it on Trump.

The media, of course. will play along with this. The purge will continue and get worse. The witch hunts for “right-wing extremists” is already underway and will intensify.

The left will finally have its revenge for the commie witch hunts of the 1950s when it was liberals — many who were guilty of nothing more than belonging to a liberal organization — who were being marginalized, canceled, and driven from society.

Is it ironic that the effort to drive the right from public spaces is being spearheaded by democratic socialists and radical left personalities? It won’t matter when the darkness of conformity spreads across the country.