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To Accept or Not Accept Joe Biden as President

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and elder Republican statesman, is not going to accept the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. He writes a compelling op-ed in the Washington Times that explains exactly why he won’t accept Joe Biden as president, including voter fraud, the nauseating double standard of the left, the unconscionable manipulations of big tech and big media to manipulate the vote, and the illegal use of absentee ballots as well as the states’ curious acceptance of illegal ballots.

But however well-argued and how heartfelt his anguish over what’s happening to America, it comes down to accepting reality. And that reality is that no matter how it was accomplished, the states have certified Biden’s win, the Electoral College has voted in Biden as president, and the courts have weighed in dozens of times, rejecting arguments made by Donald Trump and his supporters that the vote was illegal.

It doesn’t get any more “real” than that.

When Twitter and Facebook censored the oldest and fourth largest newspaper (founded by Alexander Hamilton) because it accurately reported news that could hurt Mr. Biden’s chances — where were The New York Times and The Washington Post?

The truth of the Hunter Biden story is now becoming impossible to avoid or conceal. The family of the Democrat nominee for president received at least $5 million from an entity controlled by our greatest adversary. It was a blatant payoff, and most Americans who voted for Mr. Biden never heard of it — or were told before the election it was Russian disinformation. Once they did hear of it, 17% said they would have switched their votes, according to a poll by the Media Research Center. That’s the entire election. The censorship worked exactly as intended.

Gingrich also pointed to the entire ballot process lacking legitimacy.

Officials in virtually every swing state broke their states’ own laws to send out millions of ballots or ballot applications to every registered voter. It was all clearly documented in the Texas lawsuit, which was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court based on Texas’ procedural standing — not the merits of the case. That’s the election.

In addition, it’s clear that virtually every swing state essentially suspended normal requirements for verifying absentee ballots. Rejection rates were an order of magnitude lower than in a normal year. In Georgia, rejection rates dropped from 6.5% in 2016 to 0.2% in 2020. In Pennsylvania, it went from 1% in 2016 to .003% in 2020. Nevada fell from 1.6% to .75%. There is no plausible explanation other than that they were counting a huge number of ballots — disproportionately for Mr. Biden — that normally would not have passed muster. That’s the election.

How could this happen? Gingrich isn’t pointing to a conspiracy as the cause. He’s simply saying that all these questions left unanswered threaten the stability and viability of the republic and that it makes Biden’s election win illegitimate.

Given this environment, I have no interest in legitimizing the father of a son who Chinese Communist Party members boast about buying. Nor do I have any interest in pretending that the current result is legitimate or honorable. It is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment-media power grab. It has been perpetrated by people who have broken the law, cheated the country of information, and smeared those of us who believe in America over China, history over revisionism, and the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture.

I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.

That there’s any question at all about whether Biden won is damaging. There are so many questions that raise serious issues for opponents of Biden. How far should they take “resistance”? Should they attempt to undermine the Biden presidency or simply oppose his policies? When does opposition to Biden damage the United States?

From 2016 to 2020, the left didn’t even bother to ask those questions. It was irresponsible. Some of it was illegal. In the end, they got their man elected but at what permanent cost to our democracy?

For those who plan on opposing Joe Biden’s presidency, the question is: Do we imitate the tactics of the left and tear the country apart? Or do we work within the established boundaries of political combat and fight his policies and personnel choices to the end?