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Biden Seeks to Dampen Expectations for Recovery from Pandemic

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I guess Joe Biden is going to have to change his campaign slogan from “Build Back Better” to Build Back Better Slower.”

At a roundtable discussion on the economic problems associated with the pandemic, Biden threw some cold water on what he could do as president to alleviate the hardship of millions of Americans.

“I’m not even in office for another 50 days. And then, I have to get legislation passed through the United States Congress to get done what I want to do,” he told participants.

Biden is being hit over the head by reality, but not enough to dislodge some of the more cockamamie ideas from his head.

Washington Examiner:

Though Biden predicted he would be hamstrung by Congress, he still outlined some of his top priorities after his Jan. 20 inauguration.

In particular, he touted his “Medicare-like” healthcare plan, saying it was “one of the reasons I think I got the nomination.” He also likened the $900 billion bipartisan COVID-19 relief package proposed this week to a stop-gap measure, describing it as “a down payment.”

“Medicare-like” sure sounds better than “Medicare for all.” But it’s still government-run healthcare no matter how you phrase it.

And Biden better become more enthusiastic about that $900 billion relief bill. The Republican Senate is at the end of its tolerance for multi-trillion-dollar bailouts and unless we’re headed for a full-blown depression, I doubt whether GOP senators are going to give him what he really wants: half a trillion dollars or more in support for state and local governments and a trillion dollars for “disadvantaged communities.”

He implored the public to wear face coverings, arguing that individuals who complained the coverings infringe on their freedoms should talk to “all the people who went to World War I and gave their lives.”

“You cannot be traveling during these holidays, as much as you want to,” he said, adding, “Christmas is going to be a lot harder” than Thanksgiving.

Huh? What? What do face masks have to do with World War I? Maybe old Joe was talking about gas masks. That’s a little extreme, don’t you think? As far as talking to”all the people who went to World War I and gave their lives,” we would need a medium for that, wouldn’t we? They’re dead, after all.

Joe Biden will largely fail to bring the economy back because he’s far more interested in spending tax money than in giving it back. Oh, he’ll dole out $1200 for everyone, but that’s not as vital to recovery as putting far more money into the hands of ordinary people who know what’s best for themselves and their families. They will spend it in their communities, supporting small businesses.

Biden’s government would spend it where it did the most good for him and the Democratic Party politically.