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Former CIA Chief Brennan Calls Iran Scientist's Death a 'Criminal Act'

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Former CIA chief under President Obama, John Brennan, had some harsh words following the car bomb explosion that killed Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Known as “The father of the Iranian bomb,” Fakhrizadeh was killed in a city near Tehran on Friday.

He was trying to make an illegal bomb that would give a terrorist nation a terrible capability. But Brennan chose to describe the assassination as a “criminal act” and “highly reckless.”


Brennan went on to say that he didn’t know “whether a foreign government authorized or carried out the murder of Fakhrizadeh,” but that if so, it would be “state sponsored terrorism,” and a “flagrant violation of international law.” For Brennan, this would “encourage more governments” to behave in a similar fashion.

Has Brennan gotten religion since he left the CIA? The drones were flying fast and furious when he was in charge of the CIA and were rather indiscriminate in taking out terrorist targets. Apparently, Brennan’s crack analysts had trouble differentiating between a wedding and a terrorist camp.

The Atlantic:

The locals told him that 60 people in cars and trucks were traveling from the groom’s home to a neighboring village where the bride lived. A 70-year-old man is quoted describing the death of his son, who is survived by a heartbreaking seven children. “We heard a loud explosion coming from down in the valley,” the man said, adding that when he arrived on the scene, “there were bodies scattered all over the place,” and the women of the village were gathered together crying and screaming.

Brennan’s moral blinders are very selective.

Perhaps it would be best if you kept your mouth shut about “international law.” It didn’t seem that important to you when you were ordering drone strikes on Pakistanis that ended up killing more than 400 civilians.

Needless to say, Twitter outrage was swift and devastating.

Indeed, Brennan and his boss were strangely quiet when Assad was rampaging across Syria murdering tens of thousands of civilians.

(Warning: Language)

Glenn Greenwald, while agreeing it was a “criminal act,” thinks Brennan should be tried under the Logan Act.

Finally, there’s this from a New York state assemblyman.

Barack Obama assured the American people that Iran had given up their nuclear weapon ambitions thanks to the agreement he signed with the terrorist state. When documents were found in a Tehran warehouse following a daring raid by Israeli intelligence that indicated Iran still had an active program, every single Iranian scientist working on an illegal weapon that would enable an unstable terrorist state to threaten the world became a legitimate target.

Get over yourself, Brennan.