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How Joe Biden Will Hide His Radicalism and Present Himself as a 'Centrist'

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Joe Biden has been in politics most of his adult life and during that time, he has been a member of a Democratic Party that has sometimes drifted, sometimes lurched ever leftward.

He began his Washington career as a genuine centrist, eschewing the politics of the radical New Left to concentrate on the pocketbook issues of his working-class constituents. He was one of many Democrats to oppose forced busing of black and white kids to schools out of their districts — an issue opposed by a majority of black parents.

He was catholic and a social conservative in many respects — except abortion. In short, he was a perfect fit for his Delaware district, and eventually, the entire state when he was elected Senator.

But Biden, who wanted to be president as far back as the early 1980s, realized early on that to appeal to national Democrats, he had to tack left in his politics. And while he fell far short of becoming president, that didn’t stop him from adopting ever more radical positions as he sought to satisfy an ever more radical national party.

He ran against the Lightbringer in 2008 and was forced out early. But Obama saw the appeal of a “centrist” Democrat in the Midwest and Northeast, making Biden his vice president.

By 2008, Biden’s “centrism” was a memory. But he had learned how to speak like a centrist and act like a radical — a talent that held him in good stead in 2020 when he ran against several genuine radical socialists.

There is both art and artifice to the delicate dance of sounding reasonable while pushing revolutionary ideas. Barack Obama was a master at it. He could wax poetic about “family,” and “community” while pushing Obamacare. Meanwhile, the real damage was done in the agencies — the EPA, FEC, FDA — where radicals held sway.

Joe Biden is no Obama and he knows it. But he will still employ tactics that will portray him as a reasonable “centrist” while allowing the radicals to transform the United States into something unrecognizable.

Washington Examiner:

If Joe Biden continues making corporate-friendly appointments to his White House, he will risk quickly fracturing the hard-earned goodwill his team built with progressives to defeat Donald Trump,” said Rojas with menace aforethought.

Biden seems unlikely to heed these angry cries. He will adopt many left-wing policies that will be damaging, but he wants to muddy this for voters, especially by avoiding appointments that make radicalism clear and acknowledged. Hence the reports that he will freeze Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren out of his Cabinet, thereby excluding the two most effective left-wingers in the Democratic political constellation. No one likes to be out in the cold with his or her nose pressed up against the window, looking at everyone enjoying themselves in the cozy room within.

The policies of Sanders and Warren will likely be adopted, at least at the agency level if not through Congress. But the two personalities, who would be lightning rods for controversy, will be frozen out. And we can expect that from Biden going down the line.

The radicals shouldn’t worry. There are about 3,000 major appointments Biden has to make, most of them not needing Senate approval. Assistant secretaries, lower-level White House staffers, directors of boards and bureaus — the entire infrastructure of government depends on these nameless appointees. And Biden will make sure the radicals have plenty of representation.

In this way, Biden will open the door and allow the radicals inside. Meanwhile, the media will make sure to continue to portray Biden as a reasonable centrist while the government takeover by the radicals will be complete.

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