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NYPD Planning 'Strike' on July 4 to Give People Their 'Independence From Police'

NYPD Planning 'Strike' on July 4 to Give People Their 'Independence From Police'
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Flyers are circulating among New York City police officers calling for a “strike” on July 4 in order to give people a taste of what a world without police would be like.


This follows comments from Governor Andrew Cuomo on NPR on Monday where he said if people don’t want the police force, “they shouldn’t have it.”

It looks like at least some NYPD officers want to take the governor at his word.

New York Post:

A pair of flyers making their rounds among NYPD officers are encouraging them to call out sick July 4th — as retribution for police reform and a perceived anti-cop climate following the outrage over high-profile police killings of unarmed black men across the country, multiple cops told The Post.

One message calls for the strike to kick off at 3 p.m. July 4.

“NYPD cops will strike on July 4th to let the city have their independence without cops,” [reads] the message, which is being passed among cops via text, according to sources.

So far, the move to strike doesn’t appear to be catching fire with most cops, but who knows? It’s more than two weeks until July 4. That’s an eternity for rioters. And given that every single police shooting of a black man across the country is now under the microscope, it won’t take much to set the mob off again.


This particular effort to organize a strike isn’t the only one.

Another message seen by police officers reads #Bluflu and instructs cops to call out sick on Independence Day.

“Police officers like you and me took an oath to protect strangers regardless of race, class or gender,” the message reads. “Today we are vilified and must stand as one.”

It then gives instructions for a sickout, telling members to call their precinct and request a sick day. If they are denied, the message instructs them to call the main NYPD sick desk.

If that doesn’t work, officers are instructed to report for duty — then ask for an ambulance so they can go home sick.

“If you are held because of the #Bluflu, request a bus and go sick from command,” the flyer reads.

A “sick out” in the middle of the day, asking for ambulances and buses to go home would create a chaotic situation — exactly what would happen if the police weren’t there.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said that New York cops have “reached the breaking point.”


“Over the past few weeks, we have been attacked in the streets, demonized in the media and denigrated by practically every politician in this city,” Lynch said.

“Now we are facing the possibility of being arrested any time we go out to do our job.”

The chances of effective labor action from the NYPD are pretty small. Good cops, even if they agree with the sentiment behind the proposed action, will show up and go about doing their duty as they always will. The best cops feel a personal responsibility for citizens’ safety and take the insults and threats in stride.

But don’t be surprised if some kind of symbolic action is taken to show the widespread disapproval of the city’s not supporting them.

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