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Michael Moore: 'I Am the Center. I Am the Mainstream Now of the Democratic Party'

Michael Moore: 'I Am the Center. I Am the Mainstream Now of the Democratic Party'
Michael Moore participates in the "We Stand United: New York Rally to Protect Shared Values" on Thursday, Jan.19, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Radical-left filmmaker Michael Moore said on an MSNBC panel discussion after the Democratic debate that his views now represent the “center” and “mainstream” of the Democratic Party.

He also said that “The majority of Americans agree with me and Bernie on all the issues,” which makes the “center” of the Democratic Party somewhere to the left of Karl Marx. “Bernie” is, of course, Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist and one of the top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Democrats should probably tell Moore to put a sock in it, or he’ll lose them the election.

“The American people have moved left. So, the center is now more of these sorts of things. This is what we believe. So, when you say, like, for instance, with Joe Biden said tonight, 160 million Americans want to keep their private insurance. Says who? Are you actually talking to people about this? Yes, they want the insurance that whatever we have with the new Medicare For All is essentially just a transfer from what we have with their good union health care, it’s going to be that but it’s going to be better for you, you’re not going to have copays and deductibles — fine.”

“The average Democrat and the average American does not like the health insurance company. They hate Aetna and Cigna and United Health Care. These are people that they’re fighting with to get them to pay a bill that they won’t pay. The health care industry has caused more pain and harm and anxiety for the American people than practically any other industry. And we should never side with candidates that are — say we’re going to keep this private profit-making thing going.”

Americans may hate the big health insurance companies but do you know what they hate and fear more? A titanic government-run health insurance program that will ration care and give us multi-trillion-dollar deficits far into the future — after jacking up taxes on everyone.

Medicare for all will end up handing the election to Donald Trump. And Moore also has downright weird notions of the “center.”

Moore then suggested that if Democrats want to beat President Donald Trump, they need to “move to the center.”

“Just in the same way I think that we have to — when you guys were talking about how we have to be more moderate or move to the center, that’s how we’re going to win next year, see, to me, I think moving to the center — I am the center. I am the mainstream now of the Democratic party,” Moore said.

Moore is on the far left of the Democratic Party. He’s delusional to think otherwise. I know a lot of Democrats and while they may be more liberal than most Republicans, they aren’t bat-guano crazy. They still want private health insurance. They still want a strong military. They want to be tolerant, but they draw the line at most of the radical left’s cultural agenda.

And the Democrats I know are as patriotic and love America as much as any Republican.

They are ordinary Americans who, either by tradition or family allegiance, happen to vote Democratic in most elections and are nowhere near as radical as most of the Democratic field of presidential candidates.

Let Moore think he is a mainstream Democrat. It will only scare moderates and Republicans into marching to the polls in 2020 to vote Republican.





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