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Prominent Democrat Praises China's 'Moral Compunction' in Opposing Trump

To use the words “moral” and “China” in the same sentence is ignorant. But Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden appears completely oblivious to the dichotomy of praising a country for their “moral compunction” while they lock up a million people for their religious beliefs.


But Neera is a left-wing nut, so she has an excuse.

Washington Free Beacon:

In response to Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi’s apparently reliable assertion that “China will not interfere in the internal affairs of the US,” as reported in an apparently reliable Chinese newspaper, Tanden wrote: “This is so humiliating- that we have a president willing to cheat but China has enough moral compunction not to help him.”

Another two words it’s loony to use in the same sentence are reliable and Chinese “newspaper.” Well, that’s three but who’s counting?

Perhaps the Chinese foreign minister can be taken at his word. Or perhaps not, given China’s relentless past efforts to “interfere” in U.S. affairs through cyber warfare during the Obama administration, the admission of which was also humiliating for the United States.

Did anyone ask Mongolia about Chinese interference in the internal affairs of other countries? And, of course, there are few in Tibet who would argue that China doesn’t interfere with what they consider their own sovereign country.

So what kind of a nut is Neera Tanden? Well, she apparently would have become President Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff. She’s also something of a pain in the ass.


On many occasions, Tanden emailed top Clinton aides to vent about the people who annoyed her, which was basically everyone: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was “a bit insufferable,” liberals criticizing Hillary for saying “all lives matter” were “a—holes,” Bernie Sanders supporters were “freaks,” Clinton loyalist David Brock was “kind of a nut bar,” Hillary’s political instincts were “suboptimal,” her decision to use a private email server was “f—ing insane,” and so on.

Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry — or apologize for being wrong. Or demonstrating repugnant moral instincts. Or praising oppressors who close Christian churches and arrest clergy.

Or murdering millions of their own people.

How can you praise a nation for their “moral compunction” when your own moral compass is fatally flawed?

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