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Report: Two Cabinet Officials Were 'Ready to Support' Effort to Remove Trump

Report: Two Cabinet Officials Were 'Ready to Support' Effort to Remove Trump
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

James Baker, a former top FBI lawyer, told Congress in closed-door testimony that the effort by Justice Department officials to remove Donald Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment was backed by two Trump cabinet officials who were “ready to support” the effort.

Fox News:

The testimony was delivered last fall to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. Fox News has confirmed portions of the transcript. It provides additional insight into discussions that have returned to the spotlight in Washington as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revisits the matter during interviews promoting his forthcoming book.

“I was being told by some combination of Andy McCabe and Lisa Page, that, in a conversation with the Deputy Attorney General, he had stated that he — this was what was related to me — that he had at least two members of the president’s Cabinet who were ready to support, I guess you would call it, an action under the 25th Amendment,” Baker told the committees.

The 25th Amendment provides a mechanism for removing a sitting president from office. One way that could happen is if a majority of the president’s Cabinet says the president is incapable of discharging his duties.

Mark Penn, who ran Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, minces no words in describing what can only be called a “deep state coup.”

The most egregious anti-democratic actions ever taken by the what can now fairly be called the Deep State are confirmed with the publication of fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s new book detailing how the FBI and Justice Department plotted to remove President Trump from office for firing FBI Director James Comey.

Justice Department and FBI officials spied on U.S. citizens with false warrants, gave a pass to one presidential campaign with a predetermined investigation, investigated another political campaign on the basis of no verified evidence, and illegally leaked information on investigations. They discussed wiretapping and using the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove President Trump, and appointed a special counsel as a retaliatory move for Comey’s firing.

It is now crystal clear that the highest echelons of the Justice Department and FBI had morphed from the world’s most professional law enforcement organization into a Third World rump group. They had the hubris to believe that they – not the American people or their duly elected representatives – should decide who governs and how.

They upended our election process, fanned partisan political flames, distorted our foreign policy by isolating us from Russia, and abused the powers of their office.

This exchange between an unknown congressman and Baker strains credulity. Could this really happen in America?

Question: “Do you know what direction that went? Was it Mr. Rosenstein seeking out members of the Cabinet looking to pursue this 25th Amendment approach or was it the other way around?”

Baker: “What I recall being said was that the Deputy Attorney General had two members of the Cabinet.  So he – how they came to be had, I don’t know, but…”

Question: “So he had two members, almost like he was taking the initiative and getting the members?”

Baker: “That would be speculation on my part.”

Baker also said he did not know the names of the two Cabinet officials.

“Lisa and Andy did not tell me, and my impression was they didn’t know themselves,” he said.

Rosenstein denies everything, which raises the question of why McCabe would lie about such a thing. To sell books? The New York Times broke this story last September, although any support in the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment wasn’t known at that time. Rosenstein denied the story then, and McCabe, who will appear on 60 Minutes tonight, says the 25th Amendment statements have been “taken out of context.”

From what we know about the virulent Trump hatred by these senior officials at the FBI and Justice Department, the story rings true.