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Parkland Shooting Survivor Says NRA 'a Parody of Itself' for Banning Guns During Pence Speech

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks at the National Rifle Association convention Friday, May 20, 2016, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

We’re supposed to tippy-toe around the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. We can’t criticize them or call them names because, well, most of them are on the “right side” of the gun debate, and they’re just traumatized kids, and whatever they say about anybody or anything can’t be argued with because…well, kids.

But what happens when one of them makes a brain-dead statement that proves they have no business commenting on anything except popular music?

The vice president of the United States spoke at the NRA convention and Parkland survivor Cameron Kasky apparently didn’t understand the notice put up by NRA officials.

I acknowledge the declining standards in our public schools, but can young Master Kasky read? The notice clearly states that “the US Secret Service will be responsible for event security…” That means that the NRA cannot be a “parody of itself” if it’s not their idea to ban guns during the speech.

Other Parkland survivors also called out the NRA for pushing for guns in schools but not where the vice president speaks.

Do they really not get it or are they twisting what the NRA says about guns in schools for the purpose of a political attack? I lean toward ignorance as an excuse myself. Let’s face it. These are not very smart people — even for dumb high school kids. And leaving themselves wide open for criticism shows just how stupid they really are.