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Obama Lied About Israel Calling Iran Deal a 'Game Changer'

Obama Lied About Israel Calling Iran Deal a 'Game Changer'
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

What possessed President Obama to publicly state that Israel now “acknowledges” that the Iran nuclear deal has been a “game changer when nothing could be further from the truth?

He’s delusional.

Needless to say, the Israeli government was not pleased.

Jerusalem Post:

Responding to comments by US President Barack Obama, who said that Israel has acknowledged that Iran is keeping its end of the nuclear deal, the Defense Ministry released a highly unusual and strongly-worded statement on Friday, comparing the arrangement to the failed 1938 Munich pact with the Nazis.

“The Israeli defense establishment believes that agreements have value, only if they are based on an existing reality, and that they have no value if the facts on the ground are completely the opposite of [the concepts] on which an agreement is based on,” the Ministry said.

“The Munich agreement did not prevent the Second World War and the Holocaust, precisely because their basic assumption, that Nazi Germany could be a partner to any kind of agreement, was wrong, and because the leaders of the world at that time ignored the explicit statements by Hitler and the rest of the leaders of Nazi Germany,” the Ministry added.

The Ministry said that these lessons from the 1930s also hold true for Iran today, which openly announces its aim to destroy the State of Israel. It cited a US State Department report published this year that listed Iran as the world’s top sponsor of terrorism.

“Hence, the defense establishment, like the rest o the Israeli people and many in the world, understands that agreements of this kind signed between the world powers and Iran are not helpful, but only harm the uncompromising struggle that must be undertaken against a terrorist state like Iran,” it concluded.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office said in a statement released shortly following the Defense Ministry’s comments that the Israeli government’s position on the Iran deal remains intact, but noted that there was no more important ally in the world than the United States.

“As [Netanyahu] outlined in his speech to the UN last year, now it is important that those who agree and for those who object to cooperate in order to achieve three objectives,” the PMO statement said.

“Make sure that Iran does violate the terms of the agreement,” it continued, adding “deal with regional aggression from Iran and dismantle the global terrorist network of the Islamic Republic.”

Nothing could be clearer than Israel’s eternal opposition to the Iran deal. It is significant that the defense ministry statement said, “agreements have value, only if they are based on an existing reality…” They are implying — quite clearly — that President Obama has imagined a reality that doesn’t exist and this puts Israel in danger.

The comparison to the Munich accord is apt. Perhaps no leader since Neville Chamberlain has utterly failed to grasp the evil he was dealing with. Obama’s fantasy about Iran’s intentions has been exposed numerous times since the nuclear deal was agreed to. Missile launches, hostage taking, illegally holding U.S. sailors, and the constant chest thumping and name calling from Tehran haven’t dissuaded this naive fool from believing he’s the greatest peacemaker in history.

Obama’s delusional thinking and lies don’t alter the reality of Iranian enmity toward the U.S. or Tehran’s desire to wipe Israel off the map. Perhaps it’s Obama, and not Trump, that needs an “intervention.”