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The Government Is Lying About the Rate that Criminal Illegals Are Recommitting Violent Crimes

The Government Is Lying About the Rate that Criminal Illegals Are Recommitting Violent Crimes
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I’m sure there’s a very good reason why the government would lie about the rate that violent criminal illegal aliens are continuing to commit violent crimes after avoiding deportation. Isn’t protecting one’s arse of paramount importance at ICE?

Washington Free Beacon:

The Boston Globe reviewed the cases of immigrants who had been set free in New England from 2008-2102, rather than being deported to their native countries.

Of the 323 criminal immigrants tracked, 30 percent were found to re-commit violent crimes, “including rape, attempted murder and child molestation.”

ICE does not normally publish the criminal records of immigrants, and the Globe only learned the names of the 323 case studies by suing the federal government to release that information back in 2013.

ICE argues a 2001 Supreme Court ruling makes it illegal to indefinitely jail immigrants and will release them into the general population if not deported within six months.

The Globe also found that the 30 percent of re-offenders have a high-likelihood of committing the same type of crimes, against the same victims.

The Globe found that a Massachusetts man was supposed to be deported after he served jail time for bashing his ex-girlfriend on the head with a hammer — but ICE released him in October 2009. Three months later, he found the ex-girlfriend and stabbed her repeatedly. A Rhode Island man who had served prison time for a home invasion was also released from immigration detention in 2009; five years later, he was arrested for attacking his former girlfriend. In 2010, ICE released a man with a lengthy criminal record in Maine; a few months later he grabbed a man outside a 7-Eleven, held a knife to the man’s throat, and robbed him. 

The Globe claims that ICE officials have testified before Congress that the likelihood of these immigrants to re-commit violent crimes is less than 10 percent.

It should be noted that the ICE stats are from a nationwide survey, while the Globe’s report is from New England only.

But the discrepancy between figures given by ICE to Congress and the figures the Globe was able to get is far too large for a simple blip in the numbers. Either ICE thought that no one would check closely, or they have a big problem in their agency with employees withholding the facts.

Given what we know about the Obama administration’s devotion to the truth when it comes to immigration facts, I would bet on the former.