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Kay Coles James to CPAC: 'I Don't Feel No Ways Tired—of Winning!'

Kay Coles James to CPAC: 'I Don't Feel No Ways Tired—of Winning!'
Heritage Foundation President Kay Cole James (Image via Wikipedia)

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James told attendees at Thursday’s CPAC that President Trump was wrong to say that Republicans would get tired of all the winning.

“I don’t feel no ways tired of winning,” she exclaimed, “and I hope you are too!”

The crowd, clearly getting the joke, roared their approval when James, who has been president of the conservative think tank since 2017, quoted Rev. James Cleveland’s gospel classic, which has been used by both Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden to pander to black voters.

Clinton, you may recall, used that same quote, faking a positively cringeworthy Southern accent, while addressing a church congregation in Selma, Ala., during her 2008 presidential race.

More recently, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden tried his hand at a fake Southern accent to appeal to voters in South Carolina. His version wasn’t quite so cringeworthy as Hillary’s, but it was still very bad:

James warned conservative activists at CPAC that “we face a battle today between those who want to preserve this nation and those who want to bring her down from within.” She explained that our founding principles are being “trashed” by the left, and our “students in public schools are being lied to repeatedly” about America not being a great country. “They are trashing the fact that America is exceptional—yes, I said it!”

But all is not lost. “We have a stronger will to win because of what’s at stake,” explained James. The left doesn’t “get it. We do.”

James quoted Ben Franklin, who said that what we have in America is a Republic, “if you can keep it.”

“We intend to keep it!” she exclaimed, to more cheers from the crowd.

But, she said, “We have work to do. Our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of freedom, and every CPAC’er needs to do the same.”

“I don’t think we need to die,” she quipped.

If conservatives want to make a difference, James said they should call and write elected officials and volunteer for campaigns. Find candidates “and go to work for them,” she implored.

She also said we need to educate others, “teaching our children that it’s ok to feel pride in their country.”

“Leave this place, go home, and go to work. This country is worth it,” she concluded.