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REKT: Street Artist Sabo Blasts Impeachment 'Hoax' — 'Adam Schiff Is Cancer'

(Image credit: Sabo)

PJM readers are familiar with Sabo, the conservative-ish Trump-supporting street artist/provocateur who came to national attention when he plastered posters of a buff and inked-up Ted Cruz all over Hollywood before the Texas senator and then-presidential candidate’s speech there in 2014. Since then, Sabo has gone after Hollywood stars and perverts, pet liberal causes like abortion, and political scions on the left, from Hillary Clinton to Adam Schiff to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and the other clown-car cast members trying to impeach President Trump.

(Image credit: Sabo)

And now, the Democrats’ kangaroo impeachment court has received a complimentary over-the-top Sabo Treatment.™

On Wednesday, Sabo doctored a 28-foot anti-smoking smoking billboard at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Veteran Ave., near the 405 in Los Angeles.* The billboard, with a live counter, originally read “Smoking deaths this year 415,029 and counting,” but by the time Sabo was finished with it—15 minutes later—the words “Smoking deaths” had been replaced with “Impeachment hoaxes.” He also replaced “Baron Equities,” the sponsor of the billboard, which has been in the same location for 30 years, with “Adam Schiff is cancer.”

You can see the before and after pics below, courtesy of Sabo:

(Image credit: Sabo)

(Image credit: Sabo)

“I think Adam Schiff needs to be hit as often as possible between now and the election,” Sabo told PJM. “Both him and the Democrat Party have become a cancer to the country.”
“This billboard offered itself up in the most amazing way,” he added. “I don’t think even [the Democrats] believe half the things they push. It’s almost as if the older members of the party are being held hostage by the younger, more radical members. I believe the cancer within the party turns off many in it.”

Back in October Sabo announced that he had been kicked off PayPal and had a significant amount of money being held by the payment vendor.

“My wife had warned me about doing business with PayPal,” the artist told PJM at the time. “I’d constantly tell her that they provided a great service, which makes starting an online store easy.”

“I trusted them,” he explained. “I worked in the start-ups for many years and it sucks to see what they’ve become. The people of PayPal obviously haven’t taken note of how many once-giants are less than memories now. Their time will come soon as well. When it comes to the transfer of money, trust is paramount.”

“They’ve lost that trust with me,” he added. “We are living in Orwellian times.”

Since then, he’s found new payment vendors and also launched a new website.  “It was a blessing because I was forced to retool my entire site,” he told PJM. “In doing so, I was able to revisit a lot of old work and improve the market basket. Screw PayPal.”

As of publishing time, the “Impeachment Hoax” billboard is still up. Sabo sent PJM this picture at 3:30 a.m.:

(Image credit: Sabo)

Impeachment hoax count: 416,905.

Bonus: Sabo was also kind enough to send PJM a picture of him in action, creating the impeachment poster, surrounded by some of his greatest hits. Which is your favorite?

(Image credit: Sabo)

*I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that vandalism is against the law, although as graffiti goes, these non-permanent posters are rather tame.

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