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Couple Arrested for Having Sex in Front of Kids at School Playground

A couple in their 20s were arrested on charges of public indecency after they were caught having sex on a school playground in Canton, Ohio, last week.

According to the Stark County sheriff, Jacoby Schmidt, 23, and Ashley Carrelli, 22, both of Canton, were caught having intercourse behind Walker Elementary School. The act was witnessed by at least 11 children and several adults, who were a mere 65 feet away on the school’s playground

Authorities say they received a 911 call about the pair exposing themselves in front of the children. When police arrived on the scene, the two continued with their antics, seemingly unaware they had an audience. They were surrounded by Bud Light cans when police found them, according to the police report.

Schmidt and Carrelli reportedly told authorities they didn’t know it was illegal to have public sex near an elementary school. They also claimed they were unaware they were being watched.

According to the police report, Carrelli was completely naked beneath a blanket and repeatedly exposed her breasts to witnesses. Schmidt was nude from the waist down. They were arrested and charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct and taken to the Stark County Jail.