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50 Top Conservative Websites

Ranking websites is an inexact science. There are multiple ways to measure success, including pageviews, users, unique site visitors and, perhaps most important, influence. To create this list of the top conservative sites, PJ Media looked at a variety of sources that rank them and determined the average score for each center-right site. Alexa, SimilarWeb, and Quantcast all look at different data sets, so considering all three helps to present a more complete picture.

Alexa’s ranking is based on “a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews” over a three month period. According to Quantcast, they measure “

We did not include in this ranking websites associated with TV networks or radio shows (Fox News, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) and we also excluded websites related to daily print newspapers (New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, etc.) because we wanted to focus solely on web-based content.

The big winner this year was, not surprisingly, Drudge Report. According to SimilarWeb, Drudge had 157.06M total visits in November. That dwarfs number two Breitbart, which had 82.75M visits. Beyond raw traffic numbers, Drudge has an outsized influence as a top referral source, with some sites on our list getting 10 to 20 percent of their traffic as a result of Drudge links. In fact, for many of the sites on our list, Drudge drives more traffic than Google and Facebook. In some cases, Drudge traffic is more than Google and Facebook combined.

Rounding out the top five are The Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, and newcomer The Daily Wire, the Ben Shapiro-led venture that launched in 2015. PJ Media came in at #13 this year, with 12.59M total visits.

National Review, which staked out an early position as a site critical of Trump, came in at a robust #12, defying predictions that the site’s “Never Trump” bent would lead to its demise. The site had 9.25M total visits in November.

And now, the 50 top conservative websites in 2017, based on an average of rankings from Alexa, Quantcast, and SimilarWeb:


  1. Drudge Report
  2. Breitbart*
  3. The Daily Caller
  4. Zero Hedge
  5. The Daily Wire
  6. The Blaze
  7. The Week
  8. Washington Examiner
  9. Gateway Pundit
  10. WorldNet Daily (WND)
  11. Newsmax
  12. National Review
  13. PJ Media
  14. Conservative Tribune*
  15. Independent Journal Review (IJR)*
  16. HotAir
  17. BizPac Review
  18. Twitchy
  19. Townhall
  20. Reason
  21. Newsbusters
  22. American Thinker
  23. The Western Journal
  24. The Federalist*
  25. The Washington Free Beacon
  26. CNS News
  27. The Weekly Standard
  28. RedState*
  29. Powerline Blog*
  30. The Daily Signal
  31. The Conservative Treehouse
  32. The College Fix
  33. Weasel Zippers
  34. Bearing Arms
  35. Lucianne
  36. The Right Scoop
  37. The Spectator
  38. Judicial Watch
  39. FrontPage Mag
  40. Cato
  41. Jihad Watch
  42. American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
  43. Campus Reform
  44. Legal Insurrection
  45. Conservative Review*
  46. OneNewsNow
  47. The Resurgent
  48. The Federalist Papers
  49. The Heritage Foundation
  50. Young Cons/America News*

(*No Quantcast ranking)

Using only SimilarWeb’s total visits metric, the top five sites were Drudge Report (157.06M), Breitbart (82.75M), Zero Hedge (50.56M), The Daily Caller (25.33M), and The Daily Wire (23.23M). The list tracks closely with the overall rankings, though there are a few variations.

Based on total visits in November reported at SimilarWeb:


  1. Drudge Report (157.06M)
  2. Breitbart (82.75M)*
  3. Zero Hedge (50.56M)
  4. The Daily Caller (25.33M)
  5. The Daily Wire (23.23M)
  6. Conservative Tribune (18.74M)*
  7. Gateway Pundit (17.04M)
  8. The Blaze (16.32M)
  9. Newsmax (14.79M)
  10. The Week (14.17M)
  11. Washington Examiner (14.09M)
  12. PJ Media (12.59M)
  13. Townhall (10.38M)
  14. National Review (9.25M)
  15. WorldNet Daily (WND) (9.22M)
  16. Independent Journal Review (IJR) (8.17M)*
  17. Twitchy (5.85M)
  18. Free Republic (5.84M)
  19. HotAir (5.69M)
  20. The Federalist (5.61M)*
  21. American Thinker (5.17M)
  22. Reason (4.7M)
  23. The Washington Free Beacon (4.47M)
  24. Lucianne (4.45M)
  25. Newsbusters (4.29M)
  26. RedState (3.85M)*
  27. The Conservative Treehouse (3.76M)
  28. The Federalist Papers (3.64M)
  29. The Heritage Foundation (3.30M)
  30. The Weekly Standard (3.21M)
  31. The Western Journal (3.03M)
  32. CNS News (2.86M)
  33. Weasel Zippers (2.72M)
  34. Powerline Blog (2.57M)*
  35. Jihad Watch (2.36)
  36. BizPac Review (2.34M)
  37. The Daily Signal (2.26M)
  38. Bearing Arms (2.07M)
  39. The College Fix (1.86M)
  40. FrontPage Mag (1.66M)
  41. The Right Scoop (1.37M)
  42. The Spectator (1.2M)
  43. Judicial Watch (1.18M)
  44. Conservative Review (1.11M)*
  45. Campus Reform (1.05M)
  46. Cato (1.04M)
  47. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (930.1K)
  48. Legal Insurrection (909.5K)
  49. OneNewsNow (594.1K)
  50. The Resurgent (371.5K)

As noted above, this is an inexact science and the rankings only capture a moment in time (the last 30 days for Quantcast, the previous three months for Alexa, and the month of November for SimilarWeb). But even though the definitions of success vary and the metrics fluctuate monthly — often daily — these rankings and data sets provide a glimpse of the center-right media landscape as it currently stands.

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UPDATE January 2, 5:51 p.m.: An earlier version of this list inadvertently omitted The Heritage Foundation.