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WATCH: Trumpette Calls Trump 'God' and Says He Will Come Down to Help Us All

A woman at a Donald Trump rally in Novi, Michigan, told NBC News on Friday that Trump is a “god” who is going to “come down and help us all.”

Two women, identified as Sandee and Noreen, wore bright red “Trumpette” t-shirts at the rally and spoke to an NBC reporter about a variety of issues related to Trump and some recent headlines coming from his campaign.

Asked about the possibility that Trump may not have paid federal income taxes, the women said it was probably proof of his business acumen. “Anyone would do it if they could, probably,” Sandee reasoned.

“He’s saving us from all the corruption on both side,” Noreen declared. “We’re gonna have money again!”

The reporter then asked about Trump “taking the bait” that Hillary Clinton had dropped at the debate by going after former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado.

The two Trumpettes defended The Donald. “The things he says are true,” Sandee said.

“If I got overweight and someone told me, oh well!” added Noreen.

But why didn’t Trump pivot away from the question during the debate, the reporter asked.

“We have a theory on that. He’s not stupid. He knows what he’s doing. It’s all planned,” Sandee explained, adding that he wanted to be the “good guy” during the first debate. “But look out next time.”

The women agreed that the 3 a.m. tweeting needs to stop. “I wish he would talk about everything he’s going to change and stop all of this little petty stuff,” Sandee conceded.

The reporter then asked the pair how Trump was going to convince undecided voters to turn out for him in November.

“He has them already but they’re just scared to say,” Noreen said.

“I think if he keeps on point and keep telling us what you’re going to do and keep talking positive the way you are, he’s going to win,” Sandee said decisively. “We all feel the same way. We always have for years. So we finally have this god that’s gonna come down and help us all.”

The reporter, sounding a little shocked, said, “You just referred to Trump as a god…”

“Yeah, he is,” Sandee said with a giggle. “Yeah, like she says [pointing to Noreen], Jesus, then Trump.”

I’ve called this special breed of rabid Trump followers a cult before. Jonah Goldberg likes to refer to an Invasion of the Body Snatchers phenomenon of sorts. Whatever the genetic root of this bizarre, worshipful behavior, it’s sad to see people being duped by the blonde carnival barker who is promising downtrodden Americans things he cannot deliver. They’re the ones who will be hurt when they eventually snap out of this trance and realize that the idol they’ve created out of Trump is just a louder, more vulgar version of the very politicians they claim to despise. He’s a mere mortal, not their savior. There’s only one true God and Trump is not him.

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