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Trudeau: Intelligence Suggests Passenger Plane Was Shot Down in Iran, Maybe 'Accidentally'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses supporters at a Liberal Party fundraiser, in Surrey, British Columbia, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a “preliminary analysis” of intelligence has revealed that the Iranian regime shot down the passenger aircraft that crashed in Tehran on the night of the missile strike on air bases in Iraq that housed U.S. troops.

“We recognize this may have been done accidentally,” Trudeau said during a news conference on Thursday.

He called for a “thorough investigation” with “international partners” so all of the evidence pertaining to the crash can be gathered. To date, Trudeau said the intelligence suggested the plane was brought down by a “missile strike.” Most of the lives lost on the plane were Iranians and Canadians.

Trudeau explained Iranian officials have said they will keep the black boxes inside Iran and allow Ukrainian investigators to “have access” to them.

When asked if he is ruling out the possibility the strike on the plane was done intentionally, Trudeau said it is too early to tell at this time.

Trudeau declined to specify what actions would be taken if Iran does not cooperate fully with a thorough and “complete investigation.”

The plane crash occurred on the night of the Iranian attack on air bases in Iraq where U.S. troops were stationed. The Iranian regime has indicated that they attacked the bases in Iraq as a response to the airstrike that killed a top Iranian commander.

Trudeau was asked if he thinks the U.S. government bears any responsibility for the crash if the plane was brought down by an Iranian missile.

“It is too soon to be drawing conclusions or assigning blame and responsibility,” Trudeau responded.