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Democrat Congressman on Trump: 'This Idiot' Has United Iran with Airstrike on Soleimani

(YouTube Screenshot of Rep. Earl Blumenauer)

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) said on Thursday that President Trump has “united” Iran by authorizing an airstrike that killed a top Iranian commander.

“We’ve got a reckless reality-show president who is continuing a sorry state of affairs for the United States, misplaying our relationship with Iran. We have problems with this country but they are rooted in the fact that the United States in 1953 helped overthrow a popularly elected president of Iran, [Mohammad] Mosaddegh, and installed the repressive regime of the Shah,” Blumenauer said at a protest against war with Iran, which was organized by outside of the Capitol building.

“It’s no wonder we’ve had problems there; the people don’t trust us. What the wonder is, is that so many Iranian people have warm feelings towards the United States but this idiot with this assassination turned an era where we saw people at great risk to themselves demonstrating against this repressive regime and he’s united them against us,” the congressman added.

Iran fired ballistic missiles at two airbases in Iraq housing U.S. troops. There was some damage to the bases as a result of the attack but no Iraqi or U.S. casualties.