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'Prepare Your Coffins': Iranians Flood Ivanka and Melania Trump's Instagram Profiles With Threats

Iranian Instagram users have flooded Ivanka Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s accounts with threatening comments toward the Trump family.

“Prepare your coffins,” read one of the comments on a photo of Ivanka with Jared Kushner, her husband and senior advisor President Donald Trump, that said, “Happy New Year! Wishing everyone peace, love and joy in 2020!”

“We will explode many American target all of the world, even in your country,” a user wrote alongside Iranian flags.

“This is the last picture of you that your father is alive. Prepare yourself for mourning,” wrote another user.

Many of the other threatening comments are written in Persian and mention Qasem Soleimani, the top Iranian commander killed in an airstrike that was authorized by Trump.

One of the accounts that threatened President Trump in a comment on one of Ivanka’s photos had a previous post taken down by Instagram because it went against “community guidelines.” The user responded with a new post about Soleimani that included the hashtags #Martyrs #Death-Israel #destruction-Israel #revenge #vengeance and #revenge. Many other posts said, “down with the USA” followed by Iranian flags and a punching fist emoji.

Ivanka recently posted a childhood photo and wished Donald Trump Jr. a happy birthday.

“We will take vengeance. We are all Qassem Suleimani,” one user wrote in English followed by other comments in Persian.

“Wait for revenge,” another user wrote. “Prepare your coffins…Revenge is coming,” read a comment with Iranian flags.

Many of the recent comments on Melania Trump’s post about her “Be Best” initiative were similar and contained Iranian flags as well as hashtags such as #DownwithAmerica.

“God willing, we’ll revenge General Soleimani on you. Wait for the one that kills you,” a user wrote in a comment on the photo.

Others posted “get your coffin ready” and “death to Trump” on the same photo.

“I suggest Iran should attack the White House by a nuclear bomb. Please make a nuclear bomb for White House,” read another comment followed by Iranian flags.

President Trump’s Instagram posts are also filled with violent comments containing Iranian flags and writing in Persian. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump’s Instagram accounts have a lower number of similar comments.

“You have prepared your graves,” wrote a user on the president’s profile along with the hashtag #hard_revenge.

“Congratulations on your son’s birthday. We will send your soldiers’ heads as gifts,” wrote another user followed by a comment in Persian.

As of publishing time for this story, Instagram hadn’t removed most of the violent comments.