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Flashback: Pelosi Calls Clinton Impeachment a 'Hatchet Job on the Presidency'

(Screenshot via Twitter)

On December 18, 1998, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slammed House Republicans for impeaching President Bill Clinton, referring to the effort as a “hatchet job on the presidency.”

“So it is not about Whitewater, it is not about Travelgate, and it is not about Filegate. It is about sex. It is about a punishment searching for a crime that does not exist,” Pelosi said the day before the House voted on the four articles of impeachment against Clinton, which included obstruction of justice.

“I urge my colleagues to vote no, stop this hatchet job on the presidency. Stop this hypocrisy. Stop this hatred. Vote no on all four counts,” she added.

Pelosi argued that the Republican House majority was “not judging the president with fairness but impeaching him with a vengeance.”

“In the investigation of the president fundamental principles which Americans hold dear, privacy, fairness, checks and balances, have been seriously violated, and why? Because we are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of president Clinton, and until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer,” she said on the Hours floor.