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Gabbard: Clinton's Foreign Policy 'Proven to be Incredibly Destructive'

Tulsi Gabbard (Source: Marc Nozell / Flickr)

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy has “proven to be incredibly destructive” and it runs contrary to the policy she’s been advocating for on the campaign trail.

Clinton recently said Russia was “grooming” Gabbard for a third party run.

Gabbard was asked on Tuesday at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit for her reaction to Clinton’s comments.

“It’s outrageous. It’s outrageous,” she replied. “Hillary Clinton throughout her career has espoused, advocated, and championed a very interventionist foreign policy, pushing for regime-change wars, toppling dictators in other countries, being the world’s police, using draconian sanctions to accomplish these things, and they have proven to be incredibly destructive. Here’s the big difference: I’m calling for an end to being the world’s police.”

Gabbard, a combat veteran, said there isn’t any scenario where she would run as a third party candidate.

“I am calling out my own party,” she said. “I am calling out what I see as a corruptive influence in my party.”

Gabbard vowed to continue the fight to take the Democratic Party back from “those who have been advocating for more regime-change wars.”