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Conway Says Democrats 'Really Mad' at Mueller and His Team, 'Not at Bill Barr'

Conway Says Democrats 'Really Mad' at Mueller and His Team, 'Not at Bill Barr'
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, is interviewed in Washington on Thursday.

WASHINGTON — Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said the Democrats are holding Attorney General William Barr, the president and “everyone around him in contempt and it has to stop,” adding that Democrats are “mad at Bob Mueller” and his team for not coming to a different conclusion in the Russia probe.

PJM asked Conway for her reaction to the House Judiciary Committee voting to hold Barr in contempt of Congress.

“It’s partisan, politically-motivated, no reason to hold him in contempt. They’re holding him in contempt just because they hold him and the president and everyone around the president in contempt and it has to stop. We had a great meeting last week, 9 short days ago, with 12 Democrats including the speaker and the minority leader and the president on infrastructure. I was in that meeting,” Conway said after a farewell ceremony for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that was held at the Justice Department on Thursday.

“The tone felt different and the content, the seriousness of purpose and yet here we are, they are holding the attorney general in contempt. I think people are really mad at Bob Mueller and the investigators and not at Bill Barr. They’re mad that the Mueller report didn’t conclude what they wanted it to conclude in the 448 pages and so they’re disappointed in that but everybody followed the law and did what was right. This is the definitive, conclusive, non-partisan, taxpayer-funded authoritative final investigation by Mr. Mueller and his team,” she added.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has threatened to hold former White House Counsel Don McGahn in contempt if he does not testify. McGahn declined to comment on Thursday when asked if he is going to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

Conway and McGahn were spotted having a lengthy conversation after the conclusion of the Rosenstein farewell ceremony. PJM asked Conway if she thinks McGahn should testify before Congress.

“He’s spent 30 years testifying under oath. He’s given them everything they need. It’s great to see him here today,” she said.