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Surprise: Obama to Campaign with Hillary Today

(AP Photo/Dennis Rivera) - Puerto Rico OUT

Can anyone really say he or she is surprised? A day after the Fourth of July, we’ve come to a new low in the history of the United States of America and of the criminal organization masquerading as a political party that has seized power:

On Tuesday, for the first time in U.S. history, a sitting American president will campaign with a presidential candidate who is the subject of an FBI investigation.

President Obama will stump with Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina. The pair were scheduled to appear in Wisconsin last month after Obama formally endorsed his former secretary of state, but those plans were scrapped after Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Obama’s decision to campaign with Clinton suggests that the he and the White House believe that the Justice Department will not indict Clinton. The FBI opened an investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server last year after “Top Secret” emails were found on the device.

I still think FBI director James Comey will do the right thing, but it’s clear now that the fix is in, and always has been. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s “chance” meeting with the husband of the woman she’s currently “investigating” — a man who just so happens to be a former president — proclaimed to the nation that the criminal gang running Washington no longer feels it has to observe even the proprieties of decency and the rule of law.

Adding to growing suspicion over potential conflicts of interest, The New York Times reported this weekend that Hillary Clinton is considering keeping Lynch on as attorney general if she is elected president.

The White House has repeatedly insisted that Obama has not been apprised of developments in the investigation. Despite those claims, he and Vice President Joe Biden have not refrained from downplaying Clinton’s decision to use a personal email account hosted on the private server.

Just hours after FBI investigators interrogated Clinton on Saturday — a development which was first reported by The Daily Caller — CNN reported that law enforcement sources said that charges are not expected against her in the case.

There was a time when real Americans wouldn’t have stood for such monkeyshines, nor would an honest (even if partisan) media. But the media is now, often literally, in bed with the administration, and it’s a good bet that half the country today wouldn’t mind to see its destruction — provided it didn’t disturb their television habits.