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Why Not Ban Abortion Almost Entirely?

Since Roe v. Wade effectively took the abortion question — raised politically during the heyday of 1970s’ feminism, which never stopped to consider that there might be adverse future consequences from such a drastic policy change — away from voters and legislators, Americans have been dealing with the fallout ever since. Moral, physical, political, you name it: abortion has become for contemporary America what slavery was more than a century ago.

But there are far more ramifications to abortion than simply women’s “choice.” The effect it’s had on American demographics has been both stunning and deleterious, for both blacks (whose babies are aborted at an astronomical rate) and whites. I’ve long said that the proper argument to be made against abortion at this point is not moral (although that remains) but financial: every woman who voluntarily foregoes children is cheating the Social Security/Medicare system, which depends on future taxpayers to pay for today’s beneficiaries. In other words, if you’ve chosen pets over kids, then you ought to pay Social Security taxes for Fido and however many cats you own. Fair’s fair.

Now Poland, which has clear-headedly steered clear of the childless Angela Merkel’s culturally catastrophic decision to open up a childless, dying Germany to the ravages of Islamic demographic conquest, is considering largely banning abortion altogether:

Passed in 1993, the current legislation bans all terminations unless there was rape or incest, the pregnancy poses a health risk to the mother or the foetus is severely deformed. This week, anti-abortion activists plan to submit a petition to parliament, controlled by conservatives since November, that would allow abortion only if the mother’s life is at risk.

Such citizen’s initiatives are admissible with at least 100,000 signatures — this one has garnered more than 375,000 — and usually end up in a parliamentary vote.

The initiative calls for increasing the maximum jail penalty for practitioners from two years to five. It also makes mothers liable, though judges could waive punishment in their case.

Abortion “is just as wrong as allowing the murder of any other group of people,” said Mariusz Dzierzawski, 60, head of the pro-life group behind the project. “It’s like how the Germans said it was okay to murder Jews. And children before birth are an even broader category,” the father of three adult daughters told AFP.

The proposal has also won the backing of top bishops, though its provisions to penalise women have since divided the Church.

Naturally, there’s considerable opposition:

The leader of the governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said, “On these kinds of issues, as a Catholic I follow the teaching of the bishops.”

But as a lifelong bachelor, he was quickly challenged by former first lady and mother-of-eight Danuta Walesa: “What do you know about the life of bees since you don’t live in a beehive?”

This may be the stupidest argument in the “feminist” arsenal — that a man (who is the co-creator of the new life, let us recall) should have no say in the disposition of the “fetus,” should a woman “choose” to eliminate it. But it’s all part of the feminist/progressive strategy to strip away the concept of the nuclear family and desexualize sex — unless, of course, the sex is what was formerly known as deviant.

According to an April survey from independent pollsters CBOS, which saw support for the exceptions range from 58 percent (incest) to 84 percent (risk to mother’s life). Only a little over 10 percent said a woman should be allowed to abort if she is in financial straits or does not want children.

Yet another CBOS survey from 2013 found that every third or fourth Polish woman has had an abortion. “It’s do as I say, not as I do,” said Krystyna Kacpura, director of the pro-choice Federation for Women and Family Planning.

Perhaps, but such are the wages of enforced hypocrisy and dangling temptation. Good for Poland, a country that has suffered horribly for centuries from its unenviable geographic position between two often murderous Great Powers (Germany and Russia) for raising the issue. Europe needs all the children it can get, and having its own instead of importing those of others is a good place to start.