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Monster Claims That Other Monsters Really Do Exist

Will the Clintons ever go away?  America’s favorite former first family of trough-feeders — we just can’t seem to get enough of them:

Hillary Clinton agrees there is still a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and if anything it has only become more richly financed.
During the New Hampshire town hall debate on Wednesday night, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Clinton if she still believes there is a “vast right-wing conspiracy” as she said there was during the late 90s to initially explain the Monica Lewinksy scandal.
“Don’t you?” Clinton replied, as the audience laughed. “Yeah. It’s gotten even better funded. They brought in some new multibillionaires to pump the money in. Look, these guys play for keeps. They want to control our country.”
Seconds before the conspiracy exchange, a supporter in the audience asked the Democratic front-runner how she would, as nominee and president, defend herself against right wing attacks. “I’ve had a lot of practice,” Clinton replied. “I can laugh up here but it’s not easy. It is a brutal experience and when it first started happening to me…I was just stunned. I could not understand how they got away with it.
“So now that I’ve been through this for so many years,” Clinton continued, “my understanding of the political tactics that the other side uses is pretty well versed. They play to keep. They play to destroy.”
Would that that were true. The fact is, people like the Clinton parasites burrow into the host organism by sporting law degrees from Ivy League schools, incubate within the system, and then suddenly burst forth with a vengeance and living only to replicate and destroy their hapless hosts. You know — like in Alien.