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Main Stockholm Train Station 'Overrun' with Moroccan Teen Gangs

Photo by: Uwe Gerig/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Sweden asked for this, and now the country is getting it, good and hard:

Swedish police warns that Stockholm’s main train station has become unsafe after being ‘taken over’ by dozens of Moroccan street children.  The all-male migrant teen gangs are spreading terror in the centre of the Swedish capital, stealing, groping girls and assaulting security guards, according to Stockholm police.

Members of the gangs, some as young as nine, roam central Stockholm day and night, refusing help provided by the Swedish authorities.

Sweden has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Moroccan under-18s who apply for asylum without a parent or guardian in the past four years, with many later running away from the housing provided to live on the streets in the capital. Stockholm police estimate that at least 200 Moroccan street children move in the area around the main train station in the centre of the capital, sleeping rough, and living off criminal activity.

‘These guys are a huge problem for us. They steal stuff everywhere and assault security guards at the central station,’ one police officer told SVT. ‘They grope girls between their legs, and slap them in the face when they protest. All police officers are aware of this. ‘I would never let my children go to the central station. No officer would.’

And yet, handcuffed by the cultural Marxist tool of “political correctness,” the Swedes are both hapless and helpless in the face of what is simply an Islamic invasion of Christendom, the object of which is the transformation of western societies.

Meanwhile, in other tragic news from Sweden:

The mother of the young social worker who was allegedly stabbed to death by a 15-year-old asylum seeker at a shelter for refugee children today spoke of her anguish as the family blamed Sweden’s migration crisis for her death. Alexandra Mezher, 22, was working alone with ten youths aged between 14 and 17 when she was attacked at the home for unaccompanied young migrants in Mölndal, near Gothenburg. She later died of her injuries in hospital.

Chiméne Mezher, 42, today told how she had lost her ‘angel’, as a close cousin said: ‘It is the Swedish politicians’ fault that she is dead.’ Sweden is one of the main destinations for refugees and migrants entering the EU and police warn they cannot cope with the tide of migrant-related crime.

The Europeans simply have no idea what is happening to them. That they have brought it on themselves makes it all the more tragic.