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Clinton Campaign Event or Hostage Situation? You Be the Judge

Retired heavyweight champ Bill Clinton, the pride of Hot Springs, Ark., stepped back into the ring yesterday, to stump on behalf of his lovely wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The former ladykiller, however, looked old and past his prime, at least to judge from the less-than-awed expressions on the faces of these young female props/hostages.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton made his first solo campaign appearance in support of his wife’s White House bid on Monday in Nashua, New Hampshire, but the female voters standing behind him on stage – and one eighth-grader – were stone-faced and unimpressed.

They stood on risers through his 28-minute speech at Nashua Community College, alternating between frowns, grimaces and eye-rolls, even looking uninterested as they applauded a few of Clinton’s lines. While a largely appreciative audience hung on Bill’s every word, an elderly woman at the edge of the stage cast her eyes downward and looked like she was having trouble staying awake.

And a young woman standing in the back against a Hillary ‘Fighting for us’ backdrop closed her eyes for significant stretches of time as TV cameras rolled and a girl in front of her scowled and fought off a yawn. The New Hampshirites standing on stage with Bill were all smiles as he was introduced, but quickly seemed bored once he began talking.

The Leftist media likes to paint a rosy picture of the halcyon days of the Clinton administration, and Bubba’s powers of oratorical persuasion, but let us not forget that this is the same guy who stupefied the Democrat convention in 1988 when he gave the nominating speech for Michael Dukakis: