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What Nomination? Trump Already Bashing Hillary as Election Year Begins

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Trump, yadda yadda. No matter how you feel about the bloviating billionaire, you’ve gotta like this:

For as long as Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye, she has answered questions — and sometimes volunteered information — about how much and how hard she works to get it all done. Few, even her political enemies, have questioned her work ethic or staying power — until Donald Trump.

“She’ll do a couple of minutes in Iowa, meaning a short period of time. And then she goes home,” the GOP presidential front-runner said in Davenport, Iowa, a few weeks ago, as his attention turned to those areas. “You don’t see her for five or six days. She goes home, goes to sleep. I’m telling you. She doesn’t have the strength. She doesn’t have the stamina.”

Ever since — and increasingly in recent days — the magnate has lobbed a barrage of insults at Clinton from onstage at his campaign rallies, on television and online. The former secretary of state is “low-energy,” Trump says. She lacks stamina. She’s physically weak. The attacks — often coded, always personal — seem to be aimed at raising questions in voters’ minds about a factor that has long been whispered in some GOP circles: how Clinton’s age could affect her ability to serve.

The regularity of Trump’s attacks on Clinton’s alleged physical weakness suggest that the magnate thinks he has touched on a legitimate campaign failing.

Well, duh: old, alcoholic, congenitally dishonest, breathtakingly corrupt and possibly with serious health problems as well. And yet the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua is still “running” for president.

Trump, who often takes credit for saddling former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) with a “low-energy” label, has lately used the same line on Clinton. “She’s even lower-energy than Jeb Bush,” he told a South Carolina crowd on Wednesday.

You remember Jeb Bush, don’t you? Shoo-in scion for the nomination?  Huge war chest? Family name? Once again, Trump has executed a dazzling forced march and showed up at the Democrat/Media Complex’s back door, unannounced and ready to rumble. And yet the krack kadres of kampaign konsultants and the punditocracy continue to pretend this will all be over soon.

It may be, just not in the way they’re hoping.