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'New York Times' Pulls Up Skirts, Hits Fainting Sofa Over Trump's Inelegant Language

The Media palace guard, designed to protect all things Democrat at all times (unless the stench can no longer be ignored), rises to the defense of ultra-ladylike Hillary Clinton, whose virginal ears have been assaulted by The Donald:

Donald J. Trump on Monday night mocked Hillary Clinton for using the bathroom during last weekend’s Democratic presidential debate and employed a vulgar term to describe her defeat to Barack Obama in the 2008 primary. “She was favored to win, and she got schlonged,” Mr. Trump, using a boorish word for a penis, said at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Mr. Trump is no stranger to vulgarity on the campaign trail. But his word choice at a rally on Monday in Michigan found new linguistic territory for a businessman who has tested every boundary in modern politics. The Republican has ramped up his criticism of Mrs. Clinton but largely steered clear of attacks that are overtly gendered. On Monday, that changed.

Well, just who made the whole bathroom break a topic of national discussion?

Mr. Trump made light of Mrs. Clinton’s bathroom break during Saturday’s debate, which made her arrive late to the lectern after a commercial break. “I know where she went — it’s disgusting, I don’t want to talk about it,” Mr. Trump said.

Neither does the rest of America. But by treating the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua like one of the guys, Trump has (inadvertently? deliberately?) put her prized “feminism” to the test. Let’s see who has the last laugh.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post thinks it has an explanation: Quoting the great Harvard cognitive scientist and linguistics researcher, Steven Pinker, they think Trump just doesn’t know his Yiddish very well:

Trump’s problem? He’s a gentile who, linguistically, wandered too far from home.

“Many goyim are confused by the large number of Yiddish terms beginning with ‘schl’ or ‘schm’ (schlemiel, schlemazzle, schmeggegge, schlub, schlock, schlep, schmutz, schnook), and use them incorrectly or interchangeably,” he wrote. “And headline writers often ransack the language for onomatopoeic synonyms for ‘defeat’ such as drub, whomp, thump, wallop, whack, trounce, clobber, smash, trample, and Obama’s own favorite, shellac (which in fact sounds a bit like schlong). So an alternative explanation is that Trump reached for what he thought was a Yinglish word for ‘beat’ and inadvertently coined an obscene one.”

Whatever, Trump definitely got his point across.