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Number of Muslims Refused Entry Doubles at One Irish Airport

It’s not just America, folks:

The number of Muslims deemed to be a security risk and refused entry through Cork Airport has almost doubled in the past two months. Further armed gardaí are expected to be posted to the airport as concerns heighten about the continuing threat of Islamic extremist terrorist attacks in Western Europe. Gardaí are also liaising closely with the Muslim community in Cork and monitoring its own ranks amid fears of infiltration by Islamic State (IS) cells or ‘lone wolf’ fighters.

Senior gardaí say around 40 people who had arrived at the airport on foreign flights in the past two months had been refused entry. The figure compares to about 12 each month in the previous year. Chief Superintendent Michael Finn said gardaí were extremely vigilant in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in London and Paris. He said people were refused entry because of concerns about the validity of their passports and other paperwork they were carrying.


The word gardai (pronounced guard-ee) is the Irish word for police. Naturally, politically correct people everywhere are concerned about a “backlash” against any Muslim planning tomorrow’s train bombing somewhere in Europe or America.

Chief Supt Finn said that gardaí were not monitoring any specific threat from Muslim extremists in the Cork region, but were liaising closely on a continuing basis with members of the local Muslim community. “They are as concerned [about the IS terrorist threat] as we are,” he said. “They feel vulnerable that there could be a backlash against them if anything happens. We are having regular meetings with them to reassure them that if they thought they had concerns about anybody in their community, they can call us.”

Meanwhile, in a related incident, another holy Muslim just went bananas over western indifference to the holy sites of holy Islam:

Gardaí have arrested a man at Cork Airport after he became agitated and distressed when he was told there no flight from Cork to Mecca. The man, a Libyan student and trainee pilot in his 20s, arrived at the airport sometime after 7pm in a distressed state. He approached staff at a check-in desk in departures saying that he wanted to fly to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Airport staff became concerned and alerted airport police. When the man refused to co-operate with them and calm down, they in turn alerted gardaí who responded immediately. Armed members of the regional support unit along with detectives and uniformed officers were quickly on the scene and subdued the man who was not armed but very agitated.

The man – who is legally in Ireland on a student visa – was arrested under the provisions of the Mental Health Act and taken to the Bridewell Garda Station for medical assessment.


Muslim trainee pilots — what could possibly go wrong? Luckily for Erin, Ireland’s not part of the soon-to-be-completely-discarded Schengen “open borders” agreement.



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