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The God That Failed: 'New York Times' Discovers Government Can't Fix Evil

First responders attend to people outside a Southern California social services center in San Bernardino, where one or more gunmen opened fire, shooting multiple people on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. (KNBC via AP)

The editorial board of the New York Times struggles to come to grips with what happened yesterday in San Bernardino, and draws all the wrong conclusions:

There will be post-mortems and an official search for a “motive” for this latest gun atrocity, as if something explicable had happened. The ultimate question grows with each new scene of carnage: Are these atrocities truly beyond the power of government and its politicians to stop? That tragically has been the case as political leaders offer little more than platitudes after each shootout, while the nation is left to numbly anticipate the next killing spree.

The carnage in San Bernardino happened even as the nation was trying to come to grips with last week’s massacre in Colorado Springs, where three lives were taken and nine people wounded.

Yet, even as grief fills communities randomly victimized by mass shootings, the sales of weapons grow ever higher. Holiday shoppers set a record for Black Friday gun sales last week. They left the Federal Bureau of Investigation processing 185,345 firearm background checks, the most ever in a single day, topping the Black Friday gun buying binge after the shooting massacre of 26 people at a school in Newtown, Conn., three years ago.

Fox Butterfield, is that you?

Enough, already. Let’s call this editorial what it is: pure propaganda, filled with non-sequiturs, emotional disinformation and general obtuseness to the reality of the threat America now faces:

  • In fact, something perfectly explicable just happened.
  • In fact, an attack from a foreign, hostile power (the Islamic ummah) is beyond the power of the government to stop unless and until it decides to stop it.
  • In fact, the shootings in Colorado Springs are entirely unrelated to what happened in San Berdoo.
  • In fact, the Black Friday gun sales record was rung up by honest citizens seeking a means to defend themselves, not by criminals bent on destruction.
  • In fact, the FBI was not “left” to do anything except allow people to exercise their constitutional rights.
  • In fact, the “gun-buying binge” does not presage another Sandy Hook; just the opposite.

More mush from the wimps of Times Square:

Congress has allowed the domestic gun industry to use assorted loopholes to sell arsenals that are used against innocent Americans who cannot hide. Without firm action, violent criminals will keep terrorizing communities and the nation, inflicting mass death and damage across the land.

Only someone who has spent his or her life living mostly on the Upper West Side or in Riverdale could possibly write such nonsense. And, even worse, actually believe it. The desperation of this editorial — and the plea for “firm action” on the part of their beloved government — betrays the fact that they know they’re losing, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Instead of begging government to save them, the atheist/irreligious Left should go back to church or shul and rediscover basic truths about good and evil, instead of worshiping Washington.