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In Eastern Europe, More Fences Rising

They say it’s to ensure an orderly flow of “migrants” through the country, but let’s see what happens when the shoving begins:

A government spokesman says Macedonia has started to erect a fence on its southern border with neighboring Greece in order to prevent illegal crossings and to channel the flow of migrants through the official checkpoint.  Aleksandar Gjorgjiev told The Associated Press that Macedonia has begun “all technical operations for channeling the migrant flow to official checkpoints in order to ensure humane treatment and to register the migrants.”

Gjorgjiev said “the border will remain open and all migrants from the war-affected zones will be allowed to enter.” He added that “the dynamic and the structure of the migrants flow has been determined in accordance with EU demands and (those of) the countries of the Balkan route.”

Disheartening to hear officials speak of the “Balkan route” of the Muslim migrants currently invading Europe, as if it’s somehow both legal and legitimate. Probably they just need a little more experience with their unwanted “guests” — the way, say, Finland has:

Justice Minister Jari Lindström said Friday that he was appalled by the latest reports of suspected rape cases in which asylum seekers were alleged to be the perpetrators. He noted that police are currently investigating roughly ten such cases.

Earlier on Friday, police in Raisio in southwest Finland reported that they were looking into an incident in which a 19 year-old asylum-seeker was arrested on suspicion of the rape and aggravated assault of a 14 year-old girl.

In Kempele near Oulu, police are also continuing investigations into another case, in which an asylum seeker was remanded into custody Thursday for the suspected rape of a 14 year-old girl earlier in the week. Commercial broadcaster MTV reported that the young man was Afghan.

The Finns Party minister said that he was concerned and upset about the suspected crimes. “These acts are cowardly and deplorable and they cannot be in any way accepted, regardless of who the perpetrator is,” Lindström declared. The minister also said that he didn’t understand why a suspicion or even a conviction on rape charges didn’t influence the asylum process. “If I declare my personal position, I’d have to say that it’s truly incredible, but existing international agreements play a part in this matter,” Lindström told Yle.

Once you realize that the entire Leftist project for Europe and America is to use our own good instincts against us (Alinsky Rule No. 4) and to use the enemies of our societies as battering rams, you will have the apparent contradiction figured out.