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SWAT Team Arrests ISIS' Leading Extremist Cleric. He's Instantly Nicknamed 'Jabba The Hutt'

ISIS monster Abu Abdul Bari. Source: @AliBaroodi/Twitter.

Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, was one of ISIS’ leading clerics during the terror organization’s brutal rule in large parts of Syria and Iraq. He has now been arrested by an Iraqi SWAT team. That’s news in itself, but what makes his arrest even more newsworthy is the “cleric’s” size. Weighing 560-pounds, he didn’t fit in a police car so the SWAT team members had to put him on a flatbed truck.

Here’s an image of Bari lying in the back of the truck. It’s absolutely amazing to see:

As anti-extremism activist Maajid Nawaz explains on Facebook, “Most religious justifications provided to ISIS for enslaving, raping, torturing, ethnic cleansing & massacring Iraqis, Syrians & others are from this paltry beast who can’t even stand on his own two legs.”

He goes on to explain that these photos of ISIS’ murderous “cleric” are “yet another blow to ISIS imbeciles who thought God was with them.” We should not underestimate, he goes on to write, “the psychological blow the image of this obese monster being arrested is to ISIS. Gluttony is frowned upon by jihadists. But also, ISIS branded themselves as fighters possessing rare courage & discipline… meanwhile this walrus was their top religious cleric.”

The New York Post is also having a field day with the images. Their article on Mr. Pig starts off with, “He put the fat in fatwa.” Later on, they also describe him as a “jumbo jihadist,” which is something of an understatement. I mean, jumbo? How about superjumbo. Just look at those photos.

Dang, what did he do with those captured slaves? Eat them?

In any case, since it’s so incredibly humiliating to ISIS, I suggest we all do our very best to spread these photos as far and wide as possible.

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