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Fake News on Glorious Display: CNN Contributor Says Impeachment 'Poll Is Wrong, Just Because I Said So'

Fake News on Glorious Display: CNN Contributor Says Impeachment 'Poll Is Wrong, Just Because I Said So'
Jeffrey Toobin doesn't believe CNN's own poll. Screenshot CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that its own poll showed a decrease in support for impeachment and removal. Even among Democrats, the left-wing news channel saw a 13-percentage-point drop in support for the attempt to get rid of America’s duly-elected president. However, not everybody at CNN is willing to believe that. As CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin put it yesterday: the poll has to be fake news. Why? Because he doesn’t like it!

Initially, the CNN crew admitted that support for impeachment (and removal) has “softened, a little bit?” The question mark apparently had to be added just to prevent their own hearts from breaking. Forty-five percent of Americans now support impeachment versus 47 percent who oppose it. The country is “divided,” but impeachment seems to become less popular.

Most interesting, even to CNN’s political director David Chalian, is the news that support for impeachment among Democrats has decreased from 90 percent to 77 percent. But, do not worry: he had an explanation for the drop in support. The November poll was taken right on the heels of the intelligence committee’s hearing with all the evidence being presented to the American people. “And probably, because of how damning the evidence is” (it’s not; there is actually no evidence whatsoever), Democrats probably were at their most enthused.”

However, that has changed now because it’s been mostly “political warfare” ever since.

What? Wait. Weren’t there hearings with witnesses who were all trying to convince Americans that a) the evidence was overwhelming and b) that Trump had to be impeached?

In any case, Jeffrey Toobin disagreed with Chalian. “I don’t believe that poll for one second, the 90 to 77%. I don’t believe it. It makes no sense that that number would change like that,” Toobin said.

Chalian responded by telling Toobin that he wasn’t sure what his CNN compatriot could disagree with. “I don’t know what’s not to believe. You call people up on the telephone and you get their information, you pump out a survey, this is what those who we polled told us.

Toobin wasn’t willing to accept that explanation, however. “Life has shown us,” he told Chalian, “that polls are sometimes wrong. And David, that poll is wrong. Just because I said so, okay?”

Now, this is what we call Trump Derangement Syndrome. These Fake News journalists just can’t accept it that anyone would dare disagree with them about President Trump and impeachment. Trump is evil incarnate. Everybody in their own little world agrees with that. So if anyone, their own pollster included, says that, you know, perhaps that’s not entirely the case, they can only dismiss them as being “wrong.”

Pathetic, sad, but above all a very welcome reminder (for all of us) of just how dishonest and deranged the mainstream media have become.

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