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President Trump Trolls CNN's Chris Cuomo With Epic Video

President Trump Trolls CNN's Chris Cuomo With Epic Video
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

In what will undoubtedly cause radical leftist outrage, President Donald Trump has used his infamous Twitter account to troll CNN presenter Chris Cuomo.

The obviously doctored video shows Cuomo with “BREAKING NEWS: TO DISAPPROVE PRESIDENT WRONG CHRIS CUOMO HAS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN ON TV AND CALLS HIS MOM” below him in the screen. The footage is part real, part fake. The real part is that Cuomo apparently did call his mother on-air and forced his co-host Dana Bash to talk to her. The fake part is, obviously, that it’s Trump responding rather than Mrs. Cuomo.

The result is hilarious.

“A very interesting theory from our president,” Cuomo says, “that he has really good hearing — some would say, the best hearing ever — and he’s never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn’t on speaker phone, from anybody. So let’s just play with that for a second. Mom can you hear me?”

Cuomo then puts the phone close to Bash’s left ear.

However, instead of hearing Mrs. Cuomo saying something, we suddenly hear President Trump reacting. “What do you want? I keep hearing all these things. WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

“Alright, so I’m holding the phone here,” Cuomo says, “I’m with Dana Bash and you know how you’re always telling me to let her talk because she is so smart and I shouldn’t say so much? Can you just say hello?”

“I want nothing!” President Trump, instead of Mrs. Cuomo, shouts again. “I want no quid pro quo!”

“Mom? […] Can you hear me?” Cuomo asks while Dana Bash is visibly uncomfortable.

“IF YOU WEREN’T FAKE NEWS,” President Trump’s voice shouts again, “YOU’D COVER IT PROPERLY!”

Cuomo: “Mom, can you hear me? Say hello to Dana Bash.”

Dana Bash: “Hi, Mrs. Cuomo.”


Another panel member interrupts by telling Cuomo that he can’t hear his mother… after which the video ends with Trump telling people to “go home to mommy. BYE! Go home to mommy.”

Oh yes, the troll is strong in this one.

It’s a hilarious video. Truly. It’s also extremely unpresidential, but I’m beyond caring about such niceties at this point. After all, Democrats are clearly attempting to stage a coup against Trump, the democratically-elected president. They deserve all the scorn Trump heaps on them. And let’s face it, if anyone can troll in style, it’s Trump.

Oh, and before anyone counters that Cuomo and Bash are journalists rather than Democrats: no, they’re not. They’re members of the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. What they do has nothing — and I do mean nothing — to do with journalism. They’re members of the anti-democratic opposition party, and they deserve every bit of ridicule we can pour on them.