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Mark Levin Unleashes on Faux Conservatives: 'We're Not Going to Surrender to Ann Coulter!'

Mark Levin Unleashes on Faux Conservatives: 'We're Not Going to Surrender to Ann Coulter!'
Conservative radio show host Mark Levin speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2016 at National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, outside Washington, March 4, 2016. (Photo by Zach D Roberts/NurPhoto via AP)

On his extremely popular radio talk show, Mark Levin lashed out at Ann Coulter, The Drudge Report, Anthony Scaramucci, Democrats, and the mainstream media for their relentless war on President Trump and now their collective call for his impeachment.

“Mr. Producer did you see the blaring headline: ‘Ann Coulter has had enough of Trump, she wants him out.’ Did you see that Mr. Producer? I hadn’t seen it until someone sent me an email [with a] link. And there it was on The Drudge Report,” Levin said immediately after the opening credits of his show. “I didn’t even know Ann Coulter was still around. […] I had no idea. But now that she wants Trump out, along with the slobbering news media and the slobbering Democrats and our enemies overseas… I think we should all now genuflect and attack the president of the United States. And my brother Drudge is doing a hell of a good job of it.”

“I go back and forth on this, whether I should really unleash or not. I’m going to think about it. I’m going to think hard about it. But I’m going to think about it. Because either today you stay with the Constitution, you stay with individual liberty, you stand on the shoulders of the people who founded this nation, or you don’t.”

A few minutes later, Levin seemed to have made his mind up: he went in for the kill.

“I get sick and tired of these crybabies, these pseudo-conservatives, who have gotten rich and famous as conservatives, now all of a sudden: ‘I’m not sure.’ For a variety of reasons: positioning themselves and so forth. It’s much easier if you’re in my business or if you’re in the media business to attack Trump. Because then they love you,” he said about specific conservatives who have turned against the president — either from the very first day he took office or more recently.

“Look at this chameleon slob Scaramucci,” Levin went on to say. “I never understood this guy. I never had him on my show. He’s a nothing. He’s with Trump, he takes heat. He’s against Trump, all of a sudden he’s celebrated on CNN and MSNBC. That’s how it works.” Pro-Trump: bad. Anti-Trump: hero. That’s how the leftist media play this game. “You want to be celebrated? Attack the president.”

“These people are sellouts, for whatever the reason, and I don’t much care. We have to fight for our liberty and for the future of our children and grandchildren. That’s what’s at stake,” he said, not only about politics in general but more specifically about the impeachment-saga. “Our universities and colleges have gone to hell. Hollywood has gone to hell. The Democratic Party is going to hell and has gone to hell. The media is going to hell.”

“We’re it,” Levin said. “We’re the last ones left. This is it. So the Tokyo Roses in the media and the rest of them? They can go to hell too.” Just in case those “sellouts” think they can get back in conservatives’ good graces after a while, Levin warned them. We have long memories here, don’t we, Levinites? Long memories.”

“I love the way they write about me,” the conservative radio talker said about leftists and anti-Trump faux conservatives in the mainstream media. “A vociferous Trump-defender. I’m a vociferous defender of liberty and constitutionalism. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect, that doesn’t mean the president is perfect. But the other side is perfectly repulsive and tyrannical.”

This is why, Levin explained, he and his fellow conservatives will stand their ground. “I don’t give a damn what any website says, or Ann Coulter. ‘Oh my God, I must change my view!’ Do you want these people in a foxhole with you? Hell no!”

“I’ve only just begun. Only just begun. We’ll see in the days ahead because I’m thinking hard about this, how I choose to pursue this.”

Later on in the show, Levin continued his attacks on the mainstream media and faux conservatives like Coulter. “We are not Vichy conservatives. We are not Vichy Republicans. We are not Vichy patriots. This is it. This is our country. And we’re not going to surrender it to Don Lemon, to […] Jake Tapper… We’re not going to surrender it to Rachel Maddow. We’re not going to surrender it! […] And we’re not going to surrender it to any damn website or Ann Coulter.”

“That,” he said just for the record, “ain’t happening.”

Coulter, Scaramucci, Drudge and all the others who became “rich and famous,” as Levin rightfully puts it, for being professional conservatives, are wise to pay attention. If they think they can turn against Trump now and get away with it, they’re sorely mistaken.