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Another Russia Hoax Bites the Dust: No Foreign Money Used in Brexit Campaign

Another Russia Hoax Bites the Dust: No Foreign Money Used in Brexit Campaign
"Brexit" supporters wave flags outside Parliament in London. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Brexit funder and campaigner Arron Banks has been completely vindicated: no Russian money was used to fund his pro-Brexit campaign.

In Britain, the left has systematically and constantly accused Brexit campaigners of accepting foreign (read: Russian) money to fund their campaign, which eventually resulted in Brits voting to leave the European Union. Arron Banks and the Leave EU campaign were especially accused of such “crimes.”

In the end, the British Electoral Commission (EC) publicly said it wanted the National Crime Agency (NCA) to investigate the matter, which made the accusations — which weren’t based on any evidence whatsoever — even more serious. Well, the results are in and guess what? That’s right, there was no financial link between Leave EU / Arron Banks and Russia. No Russian money was used by the Leave campaign. It was all funded by Brits who are fed up with the constantly growing European Union.

British newspaper The Daily Mail explains:

Britain’s FBI accepted a referral from the Electoral Commission of a number of alleged offences against Leave.EU, its chief executive Elizabeth Bilney, businessman Arron Banks and a company called Better for the Country Ltd.

It claimed that Mr Banks was not the true source of £8 million in loans, and that the company through which they were made, the Isle of Man registered Rock Holdings Ltd, should not have been used to make donations because it is registered outside the UK.

But, in a statement the NCA said it had ‘found no evidence that any criminal offences have been committed under PPERA or company law by any of the individuals or organisations referred to it by the Electoral Commission.

Banks immediately took to Twitter, where he shared his opinion on the matter:

“No overseas money was used in the Brexit campaign, it was my money,” he wrote. He adds that he plans to sue the Electoral Commission. “We intend to issue a claim against the EC for the decision to refer this matter to the NCA publicly. We calculate the losses well over £10million,” he explained.

TV host Piers Morgan added that the conclusions are a “total vindication” for Banks and the Leave EU campaign. Additionally, he wrote on Twitter that it is a “total repudiation of the vicious & sustained Remoaner campaign to smear them. Looks like the liars were the accusers.”

In other words, the Red Scare the left has been pushing for years now has proved to be complete and utter nonsense, both in the States and Britain.

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