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Kellyanne Conway: Trump Has 'Discovered' a Physical Wall is Not Needed Everywhere

A "no border wall" sign is held during a rally to oppose the wall the U.S. government wants to build on the river separating Texas and Mexico, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, in Mission, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Build the wall, build the wall! Remember how Trump supporters were chanting those three words constantly whenever their Great Leader gave a speech? Well, guess what? Trump is having second thoughts.

You’d think that a presidential candidate would consult with experts before or at least during the campaign, but clearly, Trump begged to differ. He only did so after he became president and had told his base hundreds of time that “the wall” would be built, that it wouldn’t be a mere “fence,” and that technology wouldn’t suffice either. No, no, this had to be a real, physical wall.

Or not. Apparently, Trump is now happy with a fence and technological security as well.

Is this what his “nationalist-populist” base voted for?