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Twitter Suspends Mohammad Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Bosch Fawstin is one of the most well-known former Muslim artists, famous (or in certain circles, infamous) for his cartoons about Islam in general, and specifically for daring to draw Mohammad.

Fawstin tells Jihad Watch that Twitter has not given him an explanation for his suspension except for a vague statement that he violated their rules for “hateful conduct.” Says Fawstin:

If I’m never to be reinstated on Twitter, I think my final tweet says it all, with my anti-Jihad superhero, Pigman, holding up The First Amendment, with my accompanying text: The three most important issues of our time are Free Speech, Free Speech and Free Speech. Only by saying what needs to be said can we do what needs to be done.

Twitter’s ban of Fawstin sparked outrage among conservatives, including Dutch politician Geert Wilders:

Of course, Wilders and Fawstin won’t receive answers.

PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson had a similar experience last month, when she was banned from Twitter for supposedly violating its rules — yet which rules, or when and how they were violated, wasn’t explained.