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Trump's DOD Nominee: It Is 'Insane' That 'a Civilian Can Go Out and Buy an AR-15'

Gun shop owner Tiffany Teasdale-Causer poses for a photo with a Ruger AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

President Trump’s nominee for Assistant Secretary of Defense For Health Affairs, Dr. Dean Winslow, told the Senate Committee on Armed Services on Tuesday that it is “insane” that American citizens can “go out and buy” an AR-15 rifle.

He admitted that this statement could get him “in trouble with other members of the committee,” but he felt it necessary to speak out against the Second Amendment nonetheless.

Winslow gave this opinion after being asked about the Air Force’s failure to report that mass killer Devin Kelley had been court-martialed for domestic abuse, which bans him from possessing a firearm. Rather than focus on the failure of a law already on the books, Winslow blamed the weapon itself.

As has been pointed out, Stephen Willeford — the civilian hero and NRA instructor who ended the rampage — used his AR-15 to take out Texas shooter Devin Kelley. Apparently, Dr. Winslow either isn’t aware of that fact or simply chose to ignore it.

In either case, Second Amendment activists have reason to be concerned about this nominee.

It’s troubling enough that Democrats are determined to get rid of the Second Amendment (without actually changing a letter of the Constitution) without unelected Republican nominees siding with them on gun control.