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Shock Poll: Brits Do a 180, Suddenly Turn From Conservatives to Socialist Labour

A new poll coming out of Britain implies that the far-left Labour party is making a comeback. Where the gap was 12 to 13 percentage points only a few weeks ago, it has now been reduced to a mere 3 percent: 42 percent versus 39 percent.

The poll has caused an earthquake in Britain, where experts assumed for months that the conservative Tories, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, would coast to a historic victory. In fact, that’s exactly why May announced early elections: she thought she could take over the House of Commons (Parliament), thereby ensuring she could continue with her Brexit plans. That is now seriously in doubt: if Labour and the Europhile LibDems can surpass the Tories, they may very well decide to leave Brexit behind and stay in Europe.

And that’s precisely why it’s so strange that Brits are suddenly flocking to Labour. Yes, May made a mistake in May when she presented the horrendous plan “to have elderly people with savings and property valued at more than £100,000 pay for their own old-age care—and, if they were unable to pay, the cost would be deducted from their estate after death.” But how about Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn? The guy is a committed socialist, an opponent of Brexit, and is lacking in everything from political know-how to charisma. May has made a mistake — one! — but Corbyn wants to spend Britain into oblivion. Which is worse? You’d think that the answer is obvious, but strangely, an increasing number of British voters beg to differ.

If Labour and the LibDems get more MPs than the Tories, Britain doesn’t deserve anything better than what they’ll get with Corbyn as their leader.