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1000 Radical Muslims Protest in London, Call for the Return of the Islamic Caliphate

This image made from video posted on a militant website July 5, 2014, purports to show the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq during his first public appearance. (AP Photo/Militant video, File)

Those angry white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men are at it again in Britain.

Wait. Scratch that:

MORE than 1000 Muslims took to the streets of London last night chanting Allahu Akbar and demanding an Islamic caliphate.

The street outside the empty embassy in Belgrave Square, London, was closed off as it filled with protestors and Islamic leaders chanting loudly and calling for America to be punished over Aleppo.

The demonstration became an alternative to an official rally calling for an end to the bloodshed in Syria outside Downing Street.

During the speeches which lasted almost an hour the crowd chanted Allahu Akbar ‘God is the greatest’ and cheered for those calling for a global caliphate.

Here’s a video of the protest:

The protesters blamed the United States for the destruction of Aleppo. Their leaders used their outrage to turn the event into an anti-American event the likes of which we have only seen in the Middle East, not in Europe. A “poet” who was invited to speak told the protesters:

We need a Caliph who will clean up these streets. Who will smack up armies and who will back beef [fighting]. Backhand your missiles back to your land, that’s the plan. World domination at hand. We can expand and take out these fools.

A Saudi-trained Salafist Muslim leader, one Haitham al-Haddad, was very happy with the pro-caliphate and anti-American protest. He congratulated the protesters, saying that “this gathering today is a sign of positivity and revival, and a sign of victory for Allah.”



In what can come as no surprise to anyone who knows even only a little bit about the fascist ideology called radical Islam, the crowd was largely segregated based on gender. Because we all know that you can only call for the destruction of the West when a woman in burqa doesn’t seduce you with her beautiful … eyes. Right?

Oh, and before I forget: while they were chanting “Allahu akbar” and calling for the return of the Islamic caliphate, the protesters waved with Taliban and Hizb ut Tahrir flags. Both the Taliban and Hizb ut Tahrir are, of course, radical Islamic organizations that believe non-Muslims should be conquered and dominated by Muslims.

How could Britain let this happen? How could British leaders have imported so many radical Muslims who hate everything about the United Kingdom and its Judeo-Christian culture?