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The Best Endorsement: Leftist Hack Blasts Gary Johnson

In many ways, I believe Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson to be, let’s just say, less than well-prepared for the presidency. I mean, the guy doesn’t even know what Aleppo is (an incredibly important city in Syria), can’t name a world leader he respects (anyone, just throw a name out there man!), and thinks it’s completely normal to … play weird tongue games with reporters.

That’s pathetic.

Having said that, none of that means he’s not the best candidate running this year. After all, Hillary Clinton (lying crook) and Donald Trump (crazy psychopath) could be even worse.

As I was thinking about the choices facing Americans, I came across this piece written by Sheila Kennedy. Although she tries to convince her readers not to vote for Johnson, I actually think her article is the best endorsement he could possibly receive.

Here’s what I mean:


Wait. Mrs. Kennedy thinks that Johnson being against gun control will convince conservatives not to vote for him? What planet does she live on?

And, what’s that, he’s against the minimum wage? That’s a problem according to milady Kennedy?

He wants to cut Social Security? Take government out of Medicare and Medicaid? Privatize education? And he opposes having the government force employers to pay men and women the same amount of money for the same job, regardless of issues like years working for the company, etc.?

You know what I and many other conservatives and libertarians call that, Mrs. Kennedy? Heaven.

I had my doubts about Johnson, but after reading Mrs. Kennedy’s piece I’m convinced: despite his obvious weaknesses, he’s clearly the best candidate of all.

Go, Gary, go!