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You Have Been Cucked: Donald Trump Softens Stance on Immigration

On Sean Hannity’s show yesterday evening, Republican presidential nominee and billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump softened his stance on immigration. Where he had called for the mass deportation of illegal immigrants in the past, he now signaled he would, as president, first and foremost target criminal aliens. He also praised President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, for, supposedly, deporting large numbers of illegals.

That’s rather ironic because, ever since announcing his candidacy, Trump has (rightfully!) acted as if the White House ignored current immigration law and let millions of illegal aliens cross the border without any trouble at all.

Trump even used the language normally used by the RINO establishment and their Democratic friends while talking about supposedly “good” illegal immigrants who have done absolutely nothing wrong (except for wiping their butt with the law) and who are, says Trump, productive members of society:

So there we have it: the much-talked about pivot has been completed. And he’s pivoted by, you’d never guess it, ditching the one last conservative policy position he had left.

Not surprisingly, social media went wild during and after the interview. One Twitter user after another responded with shock… or glee (depending on whether or not they supported Trump in the first place).

A small selection:

And the award for Tweet of the Day goes to former Ted Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler:

Yes, Trump supporters, you have been cucked.

Now what?