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The RNC Has Gone Over to the Dark Side: Is Fundraising with Donald Trump

The RNC Has Gone Over to the Dark Side: Is Fundraising with Donald Trump
Maxim Apryatin /

Principles, what principles?

The Republican National Committee and presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s campaign announced late Tuesday that they had reached a joint fundraising agreement, allowing the Trump campaign to raise funds to elect GOP candidates at all levels in this fall’s election.

The agreement creates two joint fundraising committees. One of these, dubbed Trump Victory, will raise money for the RNC, the Trump campaign and 11 state Republican parties. The other, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, will raise funds only for the Trump campaign and the RNC.

Both sides are selling their souls. First there is Trump who, for months, claimed that he was self funding. In contrast to his opponents, he owed nobody anything, which made him the most reliable candidate of the bunch. Apparently, he only wanted to be financially independent in the primaries. Now that he has the nomination locked up, he’s just as willing to be beholden to special interests as any other politician.

Of course that won’t make one bit of a difference to Trump’s most passionate supporters, who are members of a cult not a political movement, but for the rest of us, it’s yet another sign that he can’t be trusted. On anything.

Meanwhile, the RNC has clearly thrown all its previously held principles under the bus. Trump is everything the RNC supposedly is against. He’s for raising taxes, he loves Planned Parenthood, he’s a serial adulterer who brags about his sexual exploits, and — oh yeah! — he thinks that the debt problem can be solved by just printing more money, thereby increasing inflation.

In the not-so-distant past, the RNC would have stood against Trump, but no longer. The reason? Trump will have an “R” next to his name in November. And that’s clearly all the Republican Party’s leaders care about. Politics is a sport to them, a game. They’re rooting for their own team, no matter what strategies and tactics it uses. The only thing that matters is that the team wearing the right jersey wins the cup.

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