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Great News: Two Syrians Deported from Greece!

Oh man, this’ll just blow you out of the water!

A group of 202 economic migrants were returned to Turkey from Greece yesterday in a symbolic start to the EU scheme to deport those arriving illegally on European soil.

They comprised mostly Pakistanis and Afghans, with only two Syrians: a man and a woman who volunteered to be shipped back for family reasons.

But fear not, there’s even more bad good news:

Heading in the other direction, 32 Syrians were flown to Germany and 11 to Finland, as agreed under a previous scheme to take refugees from camps in Turkey.

Isn’t it just great? Europe has deported some adventurers from third-world countries with cultures diametrically opposed to ours, and in return Europe has gotten other adventurers from a third-world country with a culture diametrically opposed to ours. Of course there are now 170 fewer immigrants, but don’t worry: that’ll undoubtedly be dealt with in the days ahead. After all, the deal between Turkey and the EU stipulates that for every refugee the EU sends back it has to accept a different refugee from a Turkish refugee camp.

In other words, there’s absolutely no use whatsoever to whatever the heck the EU and Turkey are doing. But hey, at least Europe’s bureaucrats can publicly pretend they’re doing something about the refugee crisis, which is all they’re interested in doing anyway: pretending.