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Pathetic Trumpkins Cry Foul over Ted Cruz's Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Wednesday to talk (and joke) about his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. One of the jokes he made has gone viral, with Trump supporters (or: Trumpkins) crying foul.

When asked whether he liked President Obama or Donald Trump more, Cruz answered:

I dislike Obama’s policies more, but Donald is a unique individual. I will say, I was watching the earlier part of the show and if I was in my car and getting ready to reverse, and saw Donald in the backup camera…. I’m not confident which peddle I’d push.

It was just a joke, and an innocent one at that considering that The Donald himself once bragged that he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody” and not lose any voters over it.

But of course, that doesn’t prevent Trumpkins from getting their panties up in a bunch:

“If he wasn’t Ted Cruz, he probably would be reported and investigated by the Secret Service,” Karen Giorno, identified by CNN as Southeast regional director for the Trump campaign, told Jake Tapper.

“It should offend every American. This is a presidential race,” said the staffer.

You’d laugh if it wasn’t quite so pathetic. Cruz was on a comedy show and he was joking. He wasn’t even almost serious. You may think the joke was made in bad taste — I disagree, I laughed out loud — but it’s ludicrous to spin it as a death threat.

Unless The Donald makes a habit of standing behind Cruz’s car, of course, hoping he’ll run him over. Since The Donald loves himself way too much to contemplate such suicidal behavior, I think it’s safe to dismiss that possibility.

Trump and his supporters need to get over themselves; by harping on this they make themselves look even smaller than Trump’s tiny little fingers.

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